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Evelyn's Closet


mpolenLove this. Trade?
mamelieCoach Stores will absolutely not authenticate a purse! And this is 100% fake
dallaskennaHi love!:)thanks so much for following😘 im 15 and I'm trying to get out there and get some money for Disney and also my family..if you would, could you please share some of my items?:) I'd appreciate it so much and thank you for the timeπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’›
trendychicka@evelynh770 I am so sorry! I was trying to warn you NOT to trade with Kauionalani808... She scammed a bunch of us on here and I noticed that you were attempted to trade with her. Sorry for the confusion.
gcn2004Hey girly are you for sure gonna buy the pro active cause I have a buyer really interested I'm them!
evelynh770fixing to buy
staceyfischer@evelynh770 excuse me are you a scammer ????? 😑
staceyfischer@evelynh770 I NEVER RECEIVED THIS!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
sara1985@evelynh770 take a look in my closet and let me know if you would be interested?
reelHow much for just the ring?
evelynh770@italiapoliti no it's not sold and I'm doing bogo half off or trading
krissy5714@evelynh770 would u be interested in a trade at all? Lmk please! πŸ’—πŸ˜Š
rhondamasters@evelynh770 I just wanted to let you know that I am going to put on poshmark one pair of jeans that I got from you. They are great but my legs are just too long. Didn't want you to think that I was unhappy. Thanks!
tinavbI just sent them a message.
tinavbI received an email from poshmark that they will manually release funds to you. Hope they did.... If they didn't I will make a phone call if need be.
evelynh770@terra_puchi get Hun I have not received your address
terra_puchiSorry hun. I've sent it ☺thanks
harley1960I'm pretty new to posh and theses shoes def don't look like they where worn only 3 times. It looks like your dog took a bite outta the side of the one. I guess I learned my lesson and shame on u for selling something like that
evelynh770@harley1960 they were only worn three times and I'm sorry you feel that way nothing was wrong when I shipped I have no dogs
takemyclosetI do wanna thank you for the quick delivery!
takemyclosetHello? I sent this back to you. Please accept it when you get it. Thank you
jamiehaagI like this to but I am normally a medium. Could this fit a medium girl you think?
evelynh770@jamiehaag ya because it is loose
evelynh770@blondnc hey Hun this is the other one that I have I have a few more but I haven't decided yet to sell
shofskyHey girl! Cute closet. (: Question! did you buy a red dress from ladyrose15? Just wondering (: i so, I was wondering if maybe we could work out a deal and maybe I could give you a big discount or something. I was going to purchase it for Valentines Day and she had reserved it for me. :/ If you didn't, just disregard this comment entirely Hahaa. Thanks. (:
elegancenstyleHey hon I noticed you were looking at formal dresses. My closet currently has a few and I will be uploading more within the week including long and short dresses from many different designers and different sizes :)
evelynh770@samanthamurphy have you received this?
samanthamurphy@evelynh770 yup sorry just got home and didnt know it came yesterday my boyfriend didn't tell me! Accepting right now!
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