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Emily's Closet


jenniekay03@emilyannxo hey! Just received my backpack! It's cuter in person! So bright and bubbly! It's a little dirty but that's a-okay!! I can wash it! Oh and thanks for the book cover! Definitely can use it! Hope you like your jacket!! :)
emilyannxoI'm glad you like it! and sorry about the dirt :( I looked at it everyday so I guess I just didn't notice! but I received my jacket too and it's super cute! thank you again and happy poshing :) @jenniekay03
emilyannxo@gowmank they are! purchase anytime :)
emilyannxothank you @gowmank ! I'm coming back in town tomorrow morning so they will be shipped Monday :)
emilyannxohey there, I had to have a new label sent because I never got the first one. but these really will be out tomorrow! @samibeck91
samibeck91Okay :)
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