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Elvy's Closet


sofiesworld716How tall are you?
chicmomlivingWould you please measure the waist of the dress please. I am interested, but want to make sure it would fit. Thanks
lavishassistant🎉🎉🎉Congrats on A WONDERFUL Host Pick🎉🎉🎉 🎉🎉🎉🍷🎉🎉🎉🍷🎉🎉🎉🍷🎉🎉🎉🍷🎉🎉🎉
lhoude👏👏congrats on your host pick!!👏👏 it's beautiful and i hope it sells!! 👏👏🎉👏🎉👏
elvygonz@teresapoo yes I can take $30 for this dress. I will try and get pics up of the other items this afternoon.
elvygonz@teresapoo all changed!
jaaayneeyCongratulations to your "Essential Style" host pick! :) xx
sunbursthancock🎀I see 👓 you got a HP🎀 CONGRATS!! Just Beautuful💗
jeanievo@curlyquebee if this doesn't work out for you, lmk :) would love to purchase from you
curlyquebeeOk! Should have it soon I know it's already been shipped. If it's too big ill comment back :-)
thaliaanto123Do you think you can do $15?
littlebex@elvygonz hi! Are the stripes navy or black? And is this a lightweight, thin tee or like a thicker almost sweatshirt material? Thanks!
elvygonz@hanhsoulo it's an XS but the line runs a bit larger and would best fit a small. I'm normally a 00/24/xs and this is just a little too big.
marriedintomobHi! Model?
bkimh@elvygonz just wanted you to know you did an awesome job in your picks tonight. They all were awesome and you were too. I know it was fun and also a little stressful, but, sooo much fun!❗️❗️❗️🎉🌺🎉🎉🌺🌟
samanthakpack@elvygonz I want to purchase asap so please let me know if you can do $23. I'm waiting to hear from you so I can purchase.
yenhailamIs it black? What is the waist measurement?
millaportmanCould you please they'll me what the inseam is on these jeans?😊🌸
mnguye55Can i see this worn?
smophiesuttonCould you post a picture of the dress on you? I'm very interested!
elvygonz@hanhua13 sorry I haven't been home all day. I can get back to you either later tonight when I do get home or tomorrow.
hanhua13@elvygonz sure, thanks:)
ashleya09Great thanks! You can change when you get a chance and I will buy!
elvygonz@ashleya09 changed it for you! I'll ship it first thing tomorrow morning.
belindaxoI love them thanks a bunch :)
sophia2I love these!!! I need a 7-1/2 if you no anyone with them. Thanks.
mrs_erringtonThank you! It came yesterday. Super cute! Might wear it today bc it's COLD out!! 😀
elvygonz@mrs_errington yay! Hope you get more use out of it then I did.
caitlincerami@elvygonz Where does the tunic hit on your leg and how tall are you? Or could you model it?
elvygonz@caitlincerami I just added 2 pics. It hits about mid thigh on me, and I'm 5'4.
arielle2010I would love to trade! Let me know if you see something :)
elvygonz@arielle2010 sorry I'm just looking to sell.
tgoode1Congratulations on your fabulous HP!💃🎉👏💖💃🎉👏💖💃🎉👏💖
elvygonzThank you all!! So flattered!
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