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Ellen tailor's Closet


ellentailorI'm willing to negotiate price but I'm sorry I can't trade @lizzy_z20
lachicana2012Okay no worries let me know
ellentailor@lachicana2012 Hey lady! I'm starting to post more things. It might take me a bit but I'll move as quick as I can. 😊
ellentailorThanks for the likes @beautifulmystry. I'd be more than happy to bundle this with bracelet if you'd like. :)
allisonrae23Hi I am still interested in this just forgot to ask is it a crossbody?
ellentailor@allisonrae23 The gold link chain could def be long enough for a crossbody.
spadoni57@ellentailor Ty!! Its my first time organizing but buying the clothes for the show is the fun part... staying within budget a bit challenging but the items are all lovely!! Im excited about your bag!! Thx again!!
ellentailorI shipped it @scjaramillo. :) It's on its way. Enjoy and thanks for your patience.
scjaramilloThanks!!! Looking forward to it!!
ellentailor@mandyriv I've got them packaged and ready to go. Forgive the delay. I had to find a box tall enough so I wouldn't smush the hat. It'll be on it's way to you first thing in the AM. :)
mandyrivExcellent, thank you!
lachicana2012@ellentailor love love the clothes! Let me know when you post more!! I will deff buy again love your style!!!!! :))
ellentailorYay @lachicana2012! I'm so happy. :) I'll be posting more very very soon!
jmully16Thank you :-)
ellentailor@jmully16 Thank YOU! I'll wash the tops and get them to you ASAP. :)
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