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Emily's Closet


ejworsham@ksegovia so sorry for the delay! Completely forgot to do this for you yesterday. Updated last pic. Let me know if you need additional pics!
aridareeIs this bag still available by any chance?
anahlathamDo these run small?
ejworsham@anahlatham they run true to size in my opinion, but I would check the measurements against a pair that fit you well.
anhnleI just noticed your ring! Is it a dog?? 🐶
ejworsham@anhnle it's a cat! Haha I'm a crazy cat lady 😁🐈
ejworsham@dakotakoop sorry this doesn't fit me! I can take measurements this evening if that would help you
mwolfe311Would you do $12??
ejworsham@mwolfe311 l want to stay at $15 for now. Not sure if I want to sell
whitneydale44Actually, i just checked my checkung acct & for some weird reason, we only have $16 in it. Ive gotta call them about it on Monday. So ill try buying it then. Or if theres no mistake (& there IS a mistake!!!) ill buy next Friday. I hope you understand!
ejworsham@whitneydale44 no problem!! Hope you get it worked out! I hate bank issues 😖
ejworsham@matth127 length in front is 23", chest is about 20" but I forgot to get the hip measurement. I would guess around 21 or 22. It's loose and stretchy
ejworsham@lger 👆price firm unless bundled.
lgerI looked and I did not care for any of the other items you had listed.
meggerAh, ok. Thanks for letting me know. FYI, you are adorable, great pics!
ejworsham@megger thank you!! ☺️
ejworsham@kttx it's just a dark spot. It's not a stain and unfortunately can't be cleaned off. I'm guessing it's some sort of manufacturing error. It's not extremely noticeable but I wanted to give full disclosure. 😊
ejworsham@cvr7 so sorry for the delay in shipping...these are going out tomorrow morning!
jmrobyI love your closet ... so beautiful, bright and cheerful! Great pictures!!! :)
ejworsham@jmroby thank you!!
ejworsham@melaniedemass I'm really sorry $15 is my lowest on that because Poshmark takes out so much in fees :(
melaniedemassI understand. :) Thanks! I may still buy.
whitneydale44Thanks for the info. Youre probably right about the sizes. Its really funny, b/c my left foot is really a true 7.5 & my right foot is closer to an 8. This just makes most of my footwear purchases problematic! Ah, well. There are definitly worse things in life, right?! Hahaha!
ejworsham@whitneydale44 My feet are a little different sizes too. So annoying! haha oh well :)
anniefannie77Ok sry! Wasn't under ur account...just the pic. Thanks.
bettebette7Beautiful 💕 Nice closet!
akee1213♥♥ Congratulations on your host pick! ♥♥
lana_88🎉👏 Congratulations on your HP! 🎉👏
leighkubra@ejworsham of course! Thank u for the speedy shipment! The jeans are perfect!! 😀
ejworsham@leighkubra so glad you love them. Enjoy!!
ejworsham@sarahmt22 USPS doesn't run today, so this will go out tomorrow. Thank you!!
sarahmt22@ejworsham no worries!! Thanks so much!!
tallisonIt's okay! They were so cute & a steal of a deal! Thx 4 all the measurements. 😊
ejworsham@audsdjukic thank you!! I'll get these out tomorrow
tastebluebookIf you find these in any other colors let me know. It's perfect for me to wear to work etc!
ejworsham@tastebluebook I will!! I think I've seen one in black- I live by the warehouse and clearance store so I'll keep checking!
ejworsham@annibella it's 17.5" and sits on the waist. It's lines and not see through but you may want to wear nude undergarments to be safe 😉
ejworsham@annibella the hem can be let out by ~2" if it's too short for you
vivianrivasNo problem, and thanks for the help (:
ejworsham@vivianrivas thanks for the high rating!! Glad you love them 😁
albullardAre you still willing to take the reduced price of 40 that was posted on Instagram?
ejworsham@albullard I will on Instagram.
ejworsham@myfaves thank you for the great rating!! Glad your daughter loves them 😊
myfavesYou're welcome 😊 yes she loves them! I thought I could borrow it but 7 is a little big for me😞
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