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Eelsay's Closet


eelsay@bbdoll111 here you go! Sorry, my phone broke and I just got a new one and logged on ;)
msdruitt1970Hi, are these still available? & what is your lowest price for this?
eelsay@msdruitt1970 sorry I was on vacation, lowest is $25 they're in great condition used once
gidget404Is this still available? and if so, would you take $19 for this and the Missoni for Target shirt?
eelsay@gidget404 it's sold ;( still want the missioni blouse ?
eelsay@kimmye1 I would say like 4/6
kimmye1Ok great...could you bundle all my likes and give me a price quote? Please
eelsay@kimmye1 thank you! Your orders are packed and ready to go! I'm dropping them off first thing in the morning ;) I packed the red skirt with the coat because it's nice and thick and didn't fit in the other box, hope that's ok;)
kimmye1Sounds good! Thank you!
kimmye1I just saw this could you redo the lowered price so I can the deal on shipping?
kimmye1Hi I bought this but I am still very interested in the other bundle. .I just need to the other 3 items added. ..red akirt, sequence skirt, and heart shirt
dsahagun89Excuse me, I'm still waiting on shipment. Is there a reason for delay? Thank you.
eelsay@dsahagun89 Hi! I'm sorry, I dropped it off at the post office this morning and forgot to update the app. It's on it's way! 😉
seniastarHello! When can I expect this to ship? Thanks!
eelsay@seniastar hey, I'm so sorry I can't find the bag, it may be in box because i recently moved , once I open it , Ill contact you and redo the order of you want. I'm sorry for the inconvenience
eelsay@eri_nord it's a little flared but not from fitting
eelsay@eri_nord however, it does go at the waist so it gives more of an hourglass shape
eelsay@mela87 you can see how I styled them !
tkoesqCan you post a pic of the soles, please & thanks?
eelsay@kenyiatta the order was cancelled since I thought you wanted both you'll have to re order it I can ship it today
kenyiattaOn my end it still say in process n it still got my money @eelsay
janneseHi! Just received this dress, love love love! :)) thanks, enjoy your week!
eelsay@jannese isn't it gorgeous? So glad you liked it!! Enjoy !
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