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Designher's Closet


bjws_80Can you give me a wrist circumference? If there's no extra links that's important to know. Thanks.
shelley1968Do you still have these ??
designher@shelley1968 yes, I do. Sorry, I missed your earlier question.. I don't know the style name but can check the shoe this evening
catniss1Lowest please? You keep declining my offer, I thought I'd just ask :)
designher@catniss1 I'm firm on anything under $20 due to PM fees. Thx for asking
thingsthatrredWhat are the measurements? What is the condition? Any wear or damage?
designher@thingsthatrred I will have to get back to you on actual measurements. There's not damage, it was only worn once for a birthday dinner.
designher@hondasha about 4.5" .. They have about a 2" platform so they're comfy to walk in
hondasha@designher πŸ‘Œ cause I can't wear high heels any more, I wore to much, my knees can't take itπŸ˜‚
twinky555cakesIs this mustard color? How large?
designher@twinky555cakes yes it is mustard color. It's large enough to fit a 15" laptop
designher@ash_marie2010 hi love! I'm going to have to cancel the order. I packed away the skirt and can't locate it. I apologize!!! I will contact u if I'm able to find it
ash_marie2010Okay no problem. It doesn't let me cancel on my side
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