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Teresa's Closet


annamspan@darlingblog Great! Thank you!
darlingblogHi @annamspan i will be sending these out monday! Sorry for any delay, my work schedule has been chaotic this past week/weekend!
gomezcorOk no prob,new to this... Thank U 😊
darlingblogNo problem @gomezcor! You will soon be addicted to PoshMark 😍 its a lot of fun to shop here. I apologize for the delay in shipping, normally i sent things out much sooner.
darlingblogYoure welcome @kdorman! I hope you love it :) happy holidays
kdormanI love it!!! I was so excited to receive it, and it was in excellent condition...thanks again. Happy holidays to you 😊
princessrobertThanks love !! Im mailing out orders tomorrow ! :) wen will u ship ? :)
darlingblog@princessrobert i will also be going to the post office tomorrow :) thanks for the trade! KIT
missyelaineHey! Sorry I haven't clicked that I received it yet! I got a slip from the post office to pick up a package today and I'll head over tmr to get it. I will confirm the package right away after I make sure the post office has it 😊
darlingblogNo problem @missyelaine thank you for letting me know :)
elliel422So this is my first time buying -do u send me an invoice. How does this work
darlingblogThank you @elliel422. All you have to do is purchase the item after i adjust the price. Once u select the "buy" button u will be prompted to enter your credit/debit card info via the Poshmark secure site.
crystaljosI did see it! I'm sorry I forgot to respond! I'm glad he thinks it's cute! I really liked it a lot too, but I knew I wouldn't use it... I have too many phone cases lol
darlingblogNo worries @crystaljos, i just wanted to make sure you knew that i adore it :) thanks for the trade. KIT 😉
darlingblogHi @muscleanje, here is your bundle (reserved until Tuesday). I also found another NWT top from NY&Co in my closet. Same style, cream/white with a chartreuse/green plaid print. I can list it monday night and tag you if interested.
darlingblogHi @corallyn if youre interested in this necklace LMK! Id love to create a bundle or work out a deal for you :)
darlingblogHi @kscole12 this necklace sold, however i will be listing more accessories this week! Keep checking back 😉 i will bundle and discount items! Everything is negotiable!
stephypoo629@darlingblog Thank you for the express jeans! I love them and they fit perfect!!
darlingblog@stephypoo629 yay! I am so glad you like them! Whenever i find more in your size/length i will let you know! Thanks so much.
elisabeta@darlingblog do u mind sharing a pic of the zipper and the interior?
darlingblog@elisabeta no problem, i will be home in about an hour and a half. I will upload and send u a comment :)
darlingblogHi @rachelgavrielov thanks for liking this listing, if the reserved buyer backs out i will honor the discounted price if ur interested!
darlingblogHey @elizabeth85, these are sold however i do have a new pair of magenta/pink jeans listed. They are NWT :)
darlingblogThank you @alysiabrooke i will package this tonight and drop it in the mail tomorrow morning! Thanks for following my closet, i hope to work with you again in the future, its been a pleasure 😉
darlingblogYay @crystaljos i am so happy you love them :) xo
zewlee@darlingblog Please Follow ME!!!!! and check out my great pieces for sale. I have a lot of fabulous items that can be your great find. Some NEW some gently used but all great pieces. Thanks for looking!!!!!
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