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C's Closet


cswaf@lillyswanson I shipped the day after you ordered. Please see the other comment I responded to
lillyswansonI got it thank you!!
giagregoryWhat's your lowest?
cswaf@giagregory you can make an offer if you'd like, but these have already been reduced a few times
aingeg9Would you still do the bundle?
cswaf@aingeg9 I can't the polka for crop top was sold in another bundle I'm sorry but the shoes are still available!
cswaf@juliana_fashion sorry I can't fit in to kids size clothes, but let me know if you have any other questions!
cswaf@cck123 let me know if you have any questions, just so you know I also discount bundles!😊
cswaf@brina345 no it is not but this dress has been very lightly used
cswaf@ap95 @gabrielazoe123 @sunnysavy last day for the flash sale, price will be going back up tomorrow!
cswaf@aud476 please use the offer button to negotiate:-)
cswaf@kristinam336 your packaged has been shipped and should arrive in 2-3 days:-)
_alleys_closetWould you trade? I don't have anything really uploaded on here yet, but everything is on my Instagram closet it's _alleys_closet if you want to check it out and let me know 😊
cswaf@_alleys_closet sorry I don't see anything
ninaluvvI just got back from a trip and my mail is on hold until Monday so I will know then! sorry for taking so long
cswaf@ninaluvv no worries!
lizzy_beeeeDo you know anybody that still has this?
cswaf@lizzy_beeee sorry no I don't your best best it to just search 'brandy Melville hailey jacket' under the search function
cswafSaw you received your bundle today hope you enjoy!😊 @meganem89
meganem89Love them both!! 😍
yuliwongI got the top! Thanks so much 😊😊💕
cswaf@yuliwong glad you like it! Just received yours and it's adorable!!
breeebI love it! It fits me really good too. Thank you so much 😊
cswafYay I'm glad!!😊 @breeeb
xxmermaidsI did! I just accepted it on PM. they are a little loose but its okay. thats the risk you take. thank you!!
cswaf@xxmermaids aww I'm sorry to hear they are too big:/
cswaf@cheyy I'm selling the vest that you were interested in that is pictured in this listing, check out it's listing and let me know if you're interested!
cheyyCould you model it?
nikernsCan't afford right now. Thanks tho
cswaf@nikerns if its any help I could discount a bundle!
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