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Crystal's Closet


trishamo@cscla003 please give me a return label so I can ship this back.
cscla003@trishamo Good evening. I emailed posh asking them to send a return label...Best of luck to you in your future purchases..
upsnowgirlGorgeous closet!!!! Love it! ❤️❤️
cscla003@upsnowgirl Thank you so much :) I still have more to add :-)
cscla003@staceylmjohnsto I posted the pic in another listing... I've had a bad cold for the past couple of days. Im sorry for the delay.
ellabella315@cscla003 oh ok. I forgot to ask u dear, they're not like purple shades right?
cscla003@ellabella315 No they aren't I didn't test the color though.. But the sugar honey is a pinkish and the other is red
cscla003@snowtarobum... Sorry for the delay, i have food poisoning so I havn't shipped it.. I will srnd it to you tm.. Thank you
cscla003@snowtarobun I will send the scarf out tm, I have food poisoning So I havn't been able to move.. Thank you for your patience.
needeebeesHi Crystal I was just reaching out to let you know I was supposed to be in yesterday but I was delayed so I will send your necklace out on Monday. I am super sorry for the delay but it's out of my hands unfortunately. I just wanted you to know you have not been forgotten 😊
cscla003@ivonne42590 I sent it yesterday bc I've been sick...you should receive the email today and the item by tm 😊 Im sorry for the delay.
ivonne42590@cscla003 ho is okk thank you:)
savanah0710Happy blessed Sunday happy poshing and goodluck 😊
cscla003@savanah0710 Thank you very much... You are so nice to share my entire closet...😊
vpsCan you tack 10????
cscla003@vps $10 is too low... The condition of the wallet is not that bad
fantasia_m@cscla003 still have ipad for sale and if so interested in a trade
cscla003@fantasia_m sry I would never trade an ipad for anything but a new ipad.
cscla003@melenahoward oh wait $45 with shipping sry :)
melenahowardGreat. I need to put a few bucks in the bank on Monday. If it's still for sale I'll buy it. :) Thanks gal.
cscla003@joannk I haven't even been to the post office yet. I'll accept it as soon as I pick it up and look at it.
angels9670@cscla003 do you trade?
cscla003@angels9670 Trading is not condoned by Poshmark and does not offer buyer protection.
corremThank you. I will check out them additional photos and get back to you later today
cscla003@correm I took before an after photos of me pushing the scuffs through my fingers and adjusted the listing.
cscla003@chicandclassic I'll send it tm :)
chicandclassicthanks just wondering so that i can look out for it...just wanna put all my lip gloss in it because i had a spill in one of my cosmetic bags and it was messy and sticky. @cscla003
melenahowardHi there :) do you know when posh has cheaper shipping?
cscla003@pinkche40 Thank you for your purchase I will ship it ASAP 😊
cscla003@savanah0710 Yes I did :-)
savanah0710Ok coz I haven't receive any notification from pm that it's already shipped but thank you
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