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Olivia's Closet


wasabigirlDarn. I know H&M runs a little small. I was just hoping it would look as good on me as it does on you. 😄
lexyrudy@corporatcatwalk hi did the shoes sell? I didn't see them
kyliebriennYay us for earning Host Picks at last night's Office Style Party! Enjoy your earning from this milestone :) Xo!
onyxandorchid📌👠Congrats on a fabulous Office Style host pick!!!!! 👠📌
glcarlson@corporatcatwalk congrats on hosting tonight's part🎉
magpie14@corporatcatwalk Hi! what's the waist size/measurement on this skirt? Thanks!
itsloveYou are adorable!
supahbianca@corporatcatwalk Sorry but I cant stop looking at your shoes. Are those CL's so kate?😍
corporatcatwalk@haileyb13 ok perfect! You'll love these pieces. Practically brand new. I'll do $55 for all three and I'll also send you something else inside your package! Gotta find the dress I'm thinking you'll like. I can get it sent out tomorrow morning.
haileyb13@corporatcatwalk sounds good! I he paid next Tuesday could you hold until then?!!
corporatcatwalk@jessg131 this blazer might be a little too cropped for you. I'm only 5'1 and its a cropped blazer in me. I'd compare this to a size 2.
jessg131Got ya, thank you!
debbie043059Congratulations on your Host Pick for the Vintage-Inspired Party👏🎉👏🎉 Sharing with my followers🌸🌸🌸
maureen888ѕυper нυge congraтѕ on yoυr vιnтage-ιnѕpιred parтy нoѕт pιcĸ! 📼✨📺✨📞
corporatcatwalk@ghoj it's from lookbookstore. No tags on the inside of sweater. A little strange, but no tags. Hope that helps!
zigga88Hi Olivia! I post 100 % authentic items follow me :)
corporatcatwalk@arserra all ready! I'll send them out on Monday. Thank you for your purchase!
arserraThanks girlie ☺️💕
alwayspolishedOh mu god the shipping is a lot
alwayspolishedSorry yes do that I already have a bag like the wine one and I didn't realize it
corporatcatwalk@gris14 hi gal! I've spent the last few days looking for this scarf. I think my husband accidentally put it in the goodwill pile when we were cleaning last week. I'm going to cancel the order, but if I come across the scarf I'll message you and let you know. Sorry for the inconvenience.
arserraWill purchase if there is a small left. Please get back to me 💕
corporatcatwalk@arserra hello! Yes. A small still available
jgbravoHi, can you post the measurements? Thank you.
alwayspolishedNo i ask if youcan add the wine as well as bundle
veenessflytripthese are über cute! I totally got into leather shorts over leggings this winter! You look glamorous and confident in your red lipstick (in your profile picture)😘
bianca1You have the cutest closet. Love your style
carolinepaige3Hello! Would you be willing to trade for anything in my closet? Let me know😊
peruana101@corporatcatwalk additional pix please! Maybe laying flat? Thx!
corporatcatwalk@peruana101 will do! Give me some time and I'll get photos for you!
onyxandorchid💖✨Perfect host pick for the Breathtaking Style party!! Love it!! Congrats!! ✨💖
hjudith12Can you post a picture with them on?
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