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Meghan's Closet


lorigallowayI finally had a chance to try on a pair of Fendi shoes and I need a 40. So sad these will be too small. 😔 They are absolutely gorgeous! 😍
f_focused@citrusfashion I'm Interested ..if I make an offer and it's acceptable. ..can you drop and I can buy with reduced shipping?
tina1968@citrusfashion Let me think on it, I have a bunch of sales out for delivery this afternoon and mailed 7 more today! How much could you bundle them for?
citrusfashion@tina1968 no prob! Shoot me an offer
sambaturin1Is the color peach?
citrusfashion@sambaturin1 yes ma'am I'd say more blush than peach but along those same lines!
taragail@citrusfashion is this bag authentic D&B???
citrusfashion@taragail I have no reason to believe that it is not a vintage authentic D&B. I purchased it directly from a local estate and was assured of its authenticity. Unfortunately because it is vintage there is no documentation on it but yes it is real.
citrusfashion@eirenelane I would but poshmark takes 20% that leaves me with so little and all of these items are either in brand new or excellent condition. I'm so sorry but I am going to have to hold firm at higher. $90 will be my absolute lowest. If not I understand but again thanks for your interest!
ytovarWhat condition is it in? Any shrinkage or piling?@citrusfashion
citrusfashion@ytovar it's only been worn for about 5 seconds for a blog picture and it's never been washed perfect condition no piling!
citrusfashion@mbaker1977 not right now listed on poshmark but if you are interested I have some nude Caroline flats I was thinking of listing! Let me know
mbaker1977Please tag me when u post them
bunziebOk, just submitted payment! I'm excited to get my stuff, thanks a bunch! !
citrusfashion@bunzieb yeah excited for u! Thanks so much and I hope u enjoy :)
kclane7I purchased! The Zara's I have are also a 40, so they should be perfect! Thank you so much!!
citrusfashion@kclane7 yeah I'm so glad ur the same size! Yeah zara sizing is so weird with an 8.5-9 foot that I usually have to order both sizes just to see which one will work u just never know! Thanks so much for your purchase and I will ship these out tomorrow 😉
bunziebOh darn! No worries. But this was the main item I wanted and picked the others in order to make the shipping cost worthwhile. Let's cancel the order and I'll keep an eye on your closet for future items. Xo
citrusfashion@bunzieb no prob I totally understand we just did a massive goodwill haul and I think it may have ended up there 😥
jtineweb@citrusfashion this is such a fun top - do you happen to have any other pics?
citrusfashion@jtineweb il see if I can get a few more up!
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