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Marissa's Closet


captainrizz@amylane76 yes 100% authentic! I purchased for me and never wore it- it needs a new nice home
captainrizz@kitty_kat hi there! I didn't see anything I need right now. Thanks sooo much for the offer tho!
captainrizz@alexandra1604 I love the Dior Heels!!! But I just realized they are a 7.5 and I think they would be too small. So I will follow you and let you know if I see anything else for a trade! Thanks again!!!
gre5@excitedcupcake sharing πŸ’
captainrizz@pistashmelon I'll probably post new pics a little later anyway. Thanks for the offers as well- I'm not ready to go that low though.
pistashmelonNo worries^.^
samk0213Would you do $35?
captainrizz@samk0213 hi! I'm firm on the price right now! Thanks so much for the offer though! Have a great day
briianah@captainrizz I have the sweater that goes under this! Small world! Shared!
captainrizz@briianah cool!! I'm sure it's darling. The more I look at this the more I am tempted to keep it:)
victoriamarie24So adorable!!! What are the dimensions?
captainrizz@victoriamarie24 hi there. This bag is adorable- when I pulled it out to measure, I thought about keeping it!! Dimensions are 9" L x7"H x 3" W thanks for looking!
captainrizz@yolandanik hi! I'll keep you posted on other kate spade bags for sure! I love this dress but it doesn't fit me either! None of my clothes do!
yolandanik@captainrizz awe thank you! !! This might be an old wives tale but every time I've had surgery I always gain a little weight maybe about 5 to 8 pounds my mom says its because of the anesthesia who knows maybe it's because I get comfortable and start eating more? You'll get back to normal hope you're feeling better :-)
nisab23Would you ever consider selling this for a lower price ?
captainrizz@nisab23 hi there! I'm set on my price at the moment- but may consider offers in the future! Thanks so much for checking out my closet
captainrizz@ceci522 hi! 30 is my lowest but I can ship it tomorrow- it would Go out first thing Monday morning so you would get it Wednesday.
captainrizz@firebal1 thank you! I'll ship this out tomorrow! Have a great night 😊
captainrizz@travelingirl hi! No the waist is not elastic. It's a piece of black lace. Let me know if you have any other questions! Thank you
katia03Would you be able to model please?
shorne101@captainrizz Thank you! I'm waiting on some funding to come through, but if it's still here, I'll be coming by!
captainrizz@shorne101 you're welcome! Have a nice night!
alluraaaTrade? You may choose multiple items in my closet
captainrizz@alluraaa hi! I don't see anything I need right now. Thanks so much for the offer though! Have a great day!
sparkelitinyHey any lower on price! Thx
captainrizz@sparkelitiny hi I am willing to negotiate a little tiny bit here on pm. I can take more off via a private pay source. Thanks!
captainrizz@pavcsposhmark hi! So sorry it took me a little bit to respond- I'm on a trip out of the country. I'll be back Sunday and this could ship Monday! Thanks so much for checking out my closet. Have a great day!
pavcsposhmarkThank you very much :))
xxxsydneyxxxOh okay :/, thanks so much for your help! I'm definitely interested, but I think I'll wait a little bit
captainrizz@xxxsydneyxxx no worries! Have a great night!
t1percent@captainrizz Thank you so much!!! She would love that!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
ayedelHi @captainrizz please let me know if you'd like to trade! Thanks!
mona1954ndI have a galaxy 3 would it work with that and what do the lowest previous customer
captainrizz@mona1954nd thanks for being patient! Your ring and watch bundle went to the post office this morning. This cool speaker can fit any device that's between 5 inches wide and 7 inches tall . I'm not sure the dimensions of the galaxy 3 but I sure hope that helps!
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