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Bertha 's Closet


brv@kinddestiny I sold the item. What's your question?
brv@jacckiee thanks for the like. These boots were very cute.
devandethan@brv thanks! Lmk if u need to know anything. 😊
brv@devandethan thanks for the shares. If I go I will
dkerchYour welcome! I love the bag!!!!
brv@dkerch I'm glad to hear that. It was a gift, had it in my closet for a long time, I'm petite and it was just too big for me.
andrea_27s;) The first woman I sold too was a sweetheart and really walked me through everything. You can meet some wonderful people on here.
brv@andrea_27s I too have met some nice ladies. Thanks for the shares:)
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