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Bertha's Closet


leonieduarteim really intersted but im usually a size 6, can you measure the bottom/sole of the shoe so i can compare with my others?
brv@leonieduarte hi. I measured it and they're 9 and 1/8". I hope that helps.
brvMy apologies for taking so long to respond. Last night while I was in Walmart I lost my phone and had to replace it. The bag has an adjustable strap but the drop is 24" @cleo45
cleo45no worries
brv@mariz I'm glad to hear that. I left you a message a while back on FB and was wondering how you were doing.
marizNot much changed. I and my husband have been busy going to our own doctor's appointments recently. But life is still good regardless. :)
nlbr968Could you give me the dimensions? Or model?
brv@nlbr968 8"w x 11" h. I'll take a picture when I get home
brvThanks @pdxlam
read247"You know, Minister, I disagree with Dumbledore on many counts...but you cannot deny he's got style...” ~ J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 👘👑👡💅 Congratulations on your Poshtastic Statement Style Host Pick! 💅👡👑👘
brvI love Lauren Conrad's clothing line. I'm glad it fits. Thank you @mandimoon
marinalb@brv oh girl, no worries! I have a very demanding job so I totally understand. Thanks!
brv@marinalb thanks for your purchase.
paigesclosettThank you so much! I'm in love with it :) fast shipping! Let me know if you ever sell any more Olivia + joy
brvI'm glad you like it, sorry but that was the only one I had @paigesclosett
brv@kinddestiny I sold the item. What's your question?
brv@jacckiee thanks for the like. These boots were very cute.
dkerchYour welcome! I love the bag!!!!
brv@dkerch I'm glad to hear that. It was a gift, had it in my closet for a long time, I'm petite and it was just too big for me.
andrea_27s;) The first woman I sold too was a sweetheart and really walked me through everything. You can meet some wonderful people on here.
brv@andrea_27s I too have met some nice ladies. Thanks for the shares:)
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