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Jocelyn's Closet


kaki0828Yes ma'am! :)
littlemiss@bossyjocey Hi! Do you have this in other sizes? Also, do you have more of the "little white tee" shirts?! Thanks!!
wendimartinisOk can you bundle these up for me for $90. When you get a chance. I know you have been busy I jusy saw your message. I thought you forgot about me. :) all in meduims :)
dougarmomCan you bundle this top
nicoledelzLOVE LOVE LOVE💖💖 do I trade & what's ur lowest?
bossyjocey@nicoledelz thank you. This is my lowest. Just lowered it today from $25. I do not trade. Thanks tho.
sashafrosCan sell this through pp with discount?
ellebee206@bossyjocey you look so young in this photo! Still stuntin on em tho, don't get it twisted 👌
h_york@bossyjocey ok, I'm ready!
fashion__101Are you modeling the small or medium in this post? Im not sure if I should go with a small or medium. There was another post with a small but the same pictures
bossyjocey@shelly627 sorry for the delayed response. I can do both tops for $45. Unfortunately I do not have anymore of that pink scarf. I have that same print in light blue, dark blue, and yellow. I also have another leopard print scarf in my closet that is purple. If you would like to do one of the other scarves instead I will throw that in for an additional $10. :)
nik670@bossyjocey will you be getting in any more smalles
msyvette_rWill u be getting any more of the acid wash shorts babe?
librothbergi absolutely love these shorts! where are they from?
natali727How much for this one and white peace sign top? Both in large
bossyjocey@natali727 sorry for the delay. I can bundle both tops for $40
bossyjocey@brandyrcook well these sit kinda low. Like low waist/hips. I've lost weight. I was an 8 now I'm a 6. I'd say these fit true to size for a size 10.
meredith0709What size do you think these would equal to?
laurenriegelLets follow each others blogs: tealinheels.com
amoody1030Would this fit a XS/S? @bossyjocey
bossyjocey@amoody1030 hey love I apologize for the delay. I believe it would fit a small. It's supposed to fit loosely but would just be a little extra loose. Let me know :)
mollyjaeI am in love with your closet! How much for my 2 likes?!
kenleigh10Hey!! I was wanting to bundle some things!! Do I need to just tell you what I want?
lrivera27@bossyjocey would you do a bundle for me of this shirt plus the jacket as of right now to see if there is anything else I like. Thank you.
bossyjocey@lrivera27 yeah. I can bundle both for $53
azlaure02This would look cute with the jeans @bossyjocey
wendimartinisSarah likes this one I guess this could come in place of the anchor. And if you want to throw in a scarf that is great. :)
ball_mom🎉🎉🎉 What a stylish way to rock Casual Friday! Perfect choice for a host pick. Congrats! 🎉🎉🎉
simplymissglamI'm in love with your closet! I will def be back! Just need to get some more sales going! 😘💕🙆 I'm just new to posh' 💕
flowergirlsThank you so much for your "Shares!"💐 Paying it forward!! 😘😘💕
bayleeashtonHi! This is gorgeous! I have two other likes as well as this one, how much would it be to bundle them all? :)
queenmumm@katstyle This is adorable, Kathleen (and Jocelyn!) No worries on the confused tag. 😉😘❤️
aly9411💚 WOW i am so so impressed by your beautiful closet!!! Wonderful inspiration to a posh newbie like me! ☺️☺️✌️ Happy poshing gorgeous
ashleynstpierreGreat closet would you do 16 will purchase now
nubirWould you take $20 also interested in a few other items
aubreymoore@bossyjocey I'm looking for rebecca 5zip, mini Mac, Marc Jacobs Percy... In case you list any. : )
stephaniechavez@bossyjocey ah I love this rebecca minkoff bag! ❤
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