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Anna's Closet


happymonkey811@bananerzz hey Anna,are u selling the dress you post on IG today. From dreamclosetcoture. The black top and floral bottom dress? It's so cute
shirley5195Do you happen to have tracking info ? It says it has been delivered but nothing is at my house,
mvandervoort14How much for this and the shirt (if ur selling) I dm'ed you about on IG?
fictionmemoriesIs the top for sale too?
iamana69Oh by the way how short is it? (Length) :) thank you
iamana69Is it chiffon? Sorry for so many questions
jessmu07Can u bundle this dress with the maroon :red one
jessmu07Okay never mind I think maybe just the red one this one may be too small lol
lindseykturoffHi! I know this sold but are there an other sizes available??
cassandrahallWhere did you get these shirts at? I like the style and want to view the stores! 😊
bananerzz@cassandrahall lookbookstore.co :)
iamana69Do you have any more pics hun? :)
princesseyes34@bananerzz Hi! I sent you an email 😁
melsfabfindsHi Anna☺️ I was wondering if you'll be listing the lush fox mint floral crochet romper you posted recently? If you do, I'd love to purchase it πŸ’•
melsfabfindsI know you get a ton of comments and questions but I really do love that romper. Please let me know :) thanks!
jamiebnSuper cute! Do you know the brand? I'm really bummed I miss this :(
pattie829Me too! Where'd u get it please
ch3llianIf you i buy this when will it get here in los angeles?
bananerzz@tfencyk not exactly sure but Model is 5'6" wearing 4" wedges
lugoodgodWhere can I get these??😍
jbabyyyyyyyIs this still available love? I need something like for coachella
jbabyyyyyyyNvm It's sold out. I didn't see that πŸ˜‘
pinkkbarbiiyes ! im just waitin for my funds to get deposited to my bank account!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
pinkkbarbiimy $$ should be in there by today or tomarow!
pr3ttytriceOk thanks. Please let me know when u post
pr3ttytriceHi can u post today plZ my sis wants to order it before she goes away
hollyjul@bananerzz still available?
salenarae14I love this dress!! And i love your style! Can I ask where did you buy this dress from?
eternal_x3@bananerzz Hi Anna! Huge fan of your instagram since the beginning :) I literally would buy all your clothes if i could! Haha.. I check your posh like religiously!! Please continue to post :) I'll continue to buy <3 I have my eye out for some specific pieces! ^.^
bananerzz@jrsolomon1 here's my measurement Hun Hips- 35 in, waist- 25in, bust- 32in
skassemare you selling the pink sweater you're wearing with it??
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