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Anna's Closet


ch3llianIf you i buy this when will it get here in los angeles?
tfencykWhat's the length of this?
bananerzz@tfencyk not exactly sure but Model is 5'6" wearing 4" wedges
kkkoutureWhat brand r those pants??!
eternal_x3Hi Anna would you sell the Adele lace top from ishopcandy? Id love to purchase but the website doesnt have small :( if its for sale please lmk, I would love to buy it from you.
beckybenaIs this you or your pic in the 2nd pic. I love this its very cute.
beckybenaI love this.
bananerzz@jessmu07 I just posted a pic of the back :) do u wanna add this to your bundle?
jessmu07Do u have any other dresses I love all your posts! :)
pinkkbarbiiyes ! im just waitin for my funds to get deposited to my bank account!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
pinkkbarbiimy $$ should be in there by today or tomarow!
pr3ttytriceOk thanks. Please let me know when u post
pr3ttytriceHi can u post today plZ my sis wants to order it before she goes away
eternal_x3@bananerzz Hi Anna! Huge fan of your instagram since the beginning :) I literally would buy all your clothes if i could! Haha.. I check your posh like religiously!! Please continue to post :) I'll continue to buy <3 I have my eye out for some specific pieces! ^.^
bananerzz@jrsolomon1 here's my measurement Hun Hips- 35 in, waist- 25in, bust- 32in
skassemare you selling the pink sweater you're wearing with it??
bananerzz@pr3ttytrice it's a mini skirt attached and covered by the split skirt
annarexxiaWhat brand is this or where did you buy?
bananerzz@truedesign yes Hun do u wanna bundle?
truedesignActually just had to pay a bit medical Bill but if you want to trade in up for it :)
bananerzz@itsjdmbaby aww ya someone bought it earlier :/ sorry Hun! I can give you the other 2 for $35
itsjdmbabyOk hun ho ahead and bundle them. Lmk when πŸ˜„
nisha1000@bananerzz Hi Anna, how are you? Just wondering if you'd be willing to exchange this dress for the "key hole studded lace dress" that I purchased from you. Sadly it didn't fit me correctly in the chest area😒. Please let me know. Thank you& take care! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–
jessmu07Ok well I really like this lace one and the other on hold I'll have to do without the sequin :/ please let me know if it doesn't go through I can purchase the two dresses together asap :)
jessmu07Please let me know if you can bundle the dresses :)
ajones96@bananerzz would you take 20?
nisha1000Hiii, how are you? Just wondering if you have any more pieces similar to this dress? With crochet!!! Awesome closetπŸ˜ŠπŸ’–
ddianneeHey dear, do you plan to ship this soon? I was planning to wear it for Valentine's Day... Just Lmk so I can decide to wear something else :)
bananerzz@ddiannee I've already dropped it off the mailbox yesterday Hun :)
amiefoWhat brand? And what dress size would you say it is? A 4?
amiefoAnd do you trade?
iamana69Maybe bundle this and the Egyptian shorts? :3 how much would that be?
dianahollander@bananerzz do you have any others like this?!
bananerzz@princesseyes34 oh no I'm so sorry! I didn't double check :( I will contact poshmark to give u a refund or if you have pay pals I will give you back the $20. Just send me a pic of it on my email annchella@hotmail.com.
princesseyes34@bananerzz I sent you email.. Thank u for handling this situation..
kkkoutureOk LMK when can you ship ?!
kkkoutureHi Just wondering will you be selling your camel wrap coat you have on IG?! LMK if you ever do Thank you!!!
ch3llianWill u sell it with the top?
khrysteannahwill you sell me this, the peplum lace top and the pleione wrap shirt if available? :)
bananerzz@jlaa ahh sorry Hun! I didn't double check :( do u want to return it?
jlaa@bananerzz yes please! Thank you for understanding. This was the best deal ever πŸ˜” I was so happy!
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