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Ashley's Closet


ashleyatmos@abbycohen26 no it's been sold already sorry
andreaderasxoLove your style doll! Random question the blur wash jeans you're wearing where are they from! ☺️☺️
jasmina987@ashleyatmos hi! Like the watch you have in the first pic for this.
ashleyatmos@jasmina987 I'm so sorry it's been sold already
ashleyatmos@jaime68 sorry for the delay was away for the Super Bowl weekend. Sent it today! :)
jaime68Thanks for not shipping and posh holding my funds for a item u plNned on not shipping out!
chicprep33Can you give me the dimensions?
lauras_boutique@ashleyatmos 💕🌹HI Ashley! I'm Laura and I wanted to say hello and tell you that you have a beautiful closet!!💕🌹 Have a fabulous day! Laura 💕🌹😀
kellisan2kNo problem check on my closet when you have a chance you might see other stuff you like!😉
amberbensIs this price for both rings?
ashleyatmos@jaime68 I can email you the shipping label they sent me. The tracking number should be in that. My boyfriend mailed it yesterday
jaime68Appreciate u sending the ring it really means a lot thanks for everything I love it 😘
bethie71@ashleyatmos ..any other vanessa m or stella pieces not posted ? Would love to bundle this with something
ashleyatmos@bethie71 whatever I have posted of Vanessa mooney is all I have right Now. No Stella and dot at the moment.
ltle90Hi, I saw you on a listing looking for RIRI woo, if you're still in search of it- I have one listed!
ashleyatmos@ajlee2626 whatever I have that's listed you can bundle
ashleyatmos@jtarv4 I can do $28 for both! Let me know I'll make a listing for you
ashleyatmos@ladyoutdabox will ship first thing tomorrow Morning! Thanks!
apriljo07@ashleyatmos do you ever get a lot of these drop pendants anymore? I love this one and the brandy Melville drop jade one in your closet, but of course they're both sold. I love the stones, and if u have any more drop pendants or long, dainty, kinda hobo vintage-y looking necklaces will you tag me or message me back please! Thanks so much! ❤️ nice closet
lisajack147have you shipped this by chance? I haven't received the shipping notification.
lisajack147@ashleyatmos - can you please let me know if you have shipped this?
ashleyatmos@jvandeest I just got back will ship tomorrow morning thank you so much for your patience
ashleyatmos@jvandeest just dropped it off at the post office :)
kthrasher12@ashleyatmos when will you be able to ship?
ashleyatmos@kthrasher12 tomorrow! So sorry I work 12 hour shifts so never made it to the post office. But will do tomorrow!
ajrnIs this still available?
inaseeuStill waiting for this item. Please send. Thanks.
caliclass85thanks @ashleyatmos this is my first posh purchase! can't wait to get them :)
ashleyatmos@caliclass85 awww well thanks for shopping my closet! So cute you will love them! Perfect for summer!
ashleyatmos@julianaevans oh yah I did It came fast! Something wrong?
julianaevans@ashleyatmos yeah i had bad experience with her. Just hope it didnt happen to other people. Glad yours is fine.
jules2144I changed it, please let me know if you need anything else from me and again I apologize! I'll expect it next month. Thank you!
ashleyatmos@jules2144 I resent it today. Poshmark contacted me to lmk it was being returned so they emailed me your correct address
ashleyatmos@ripleyscloset lmk when you want to bundle
ripleysclosetIm so sorry! I feel asleep...Please make the bundle & I will pay today! Thanks for the extra discount too!
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