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Anna's Closet


annakim21@nizab sure! I won't be home until late, I'll post and tag you when it's up though.
annakim21@nizab hey! I just posted up a photo. Let me know if you need more pics!
maureen888C͙o͙n͙g͙r͙a͙t͙s͙ o͙n͙ y͙o͙u͙r͙ s͙a͙s͙s͙y͙ S͙t͙r͙e͙e͙t͙ S͙t͙y͙l͙e͙ P͙a͙r͙t͙y͙ H͙o͙s͙t͙ P͙i͙c͙k͙!! 💎✨💖💫
alyssw12🎉🎈🎀 Congratulations on your fab host pick! 🎉🎈🎀
annakim21@jrayofsunshine yes, they were worn once for a few hours
jrayofsunshine@annakim21 I'm sorry. For some reason I was thinking they were brand new. The caps on the heels look a little worn. I'll have to pass. I found them almost the same price new. Thanks.
dclopes✨️️️️Congrats on your HP! ✨
oliviarossA delayed congratulations is due for this wonderful item! Great HP!!!👠💄🎀
bebegirlIt's Super Cute, I will get back to U as soon as I can, thanks again I appreciate this!!!
ltggDo you trade?
silkpuppetHi, what is the material?
annakim21@silkpuppet I'm not sure, I think it's prob leather. It doesn't say on the shoe and I no longer have the box. Lmk if you have any other questions though!
annakim21@ilovemebarbie hey! When the skirt is laying flat, the waist measures 14.5", lmk if you have any other questions!
ilovemebarbieI will! Thank you. @annakim21
haydubs72I just followed you! If you could follow me and look at/share some things in my closet it would be much appreciated! I'm new to this site and need followers!
annakim21@alexiswardrobe hey! Thanks for the likes. Lmk if you want to bundle anything. I know my listings say "unavailable" but I still have the items. 😊
jasminesthingsWhat's the lowest you can do?
annakim21@jasminesthings if you make an offer using the "offer" button, we can negotiate there. If it's something I'm willing to lower to, I can manually change the price so you could get reduced shipping
boolove20Hey saw you bought the bebe heels if you ever decide to sell lmk i Will buy asap
annakim21@boolove20 ok, if for some reason they don't work out, I'll definitely let you know!
annakim21@sastroka no defects. It looks brand new. No marks, all is great condition. I have to measure the dimensions tomorrow since I have a guest sleeping in the room where I store all my posh stuff. I can tag you as soon as I do though. It's a medium sized bag
annakim21@sastroka hey! Sorry for the delay. It Measures 14" across when laying flat. 10.5" long from zip to bottom seam. Lmk if you have any other questions!
shenneneilleen👸You've been blessed by the share fairy - everything I share turns to sold!💰👑🙅 j/k lol 😘💋😜
cassi0810Ok shoot. I'm usually a 26" so I don't think it'll fit :( thank you so much for all your help.
annakim21@cassi0810 aww ok no prob!
kyliebriennThis is definitely preppy and glamorous :) Congratulations to your Host Pick at last night's posh party! Cheers to future sales!! Xo
annakim21@travelingirl hey! Sorry for the delay...it measures about 8" from the neck to the bottom of the arm. I posted a pic to show you where I measured. I had to measure differently since it's sleeveless. Lmk if you have any other questions!
travelingirlThank you! 👍
annakim21@reka2015 hey! Thanks so much! I'll get both out in the mail first thing tomorrow morning!
reka2015ok thanks!
moonbunnytooI took a bit of a mini break myself and now I'm back trying to save up for Xmas 🎁I've unfortunately have been having a string of buyers who purchase without asking questions (or reading descriptions for that matter!) and then take it out in me with poor reviews about the item not fitting 😆😆 I think I'll be taking another break soon - it's happened 3x now!
annakim21@moonbunnytoo that's awful! I totally know what you mean. I just don't get some people. Fit issues have absolutely nothing to do with transparency! Ugh some people! I've just gotten to the point where I don't even respond. It's almost ridiculous how some people are! However, that being said... I do like clearing out my closet for new stuff! Lol
annakim21@xxcourt16xx hey, just wanted to let you know that I've dropped them off at the post office so you should be able to track them later tonight. It's 2 day shipping so hopefully you'll receive by wed or thurs. Thanks again!
xxcourt16xxThanks so much!
annakim21@royalmilktea Hey! Thank you so much! Ive been out of town for the holiday but Ive got this out to the post office today, hopefully you get it soon!
royalmilktea@annakim21 No problem; I figured it might take a bit since I ordered right around the holidays. Looking forward to wearing it!
annakim21@mirahh_ hey, I'm at my absolute lowest. I've lowered from $50. Sorry
annakim21@mirahh_ thank you! I'll have this out in the post tomorrow morning!
annakim21@alwaysdancing I was just reading the comments on the kanken bag but I didn't mean anything by that. I'll ship it tomorrow since you said that you shipped today.
alwaysdancingIt's all good! The kanken trade was successful though, and is now pending acceptance :) that was from a little while ago
mandysueyou're so welcome!!! ☺️💕🎉
lhoudeCongrats on your Host Pick!! 👏👏👏 I hope it sells and I am so excited for you!! 👏👏👏👏
annakim21@reka2015 yes! I'll have it out first thing tomorrow morning. I was going to ship today but I had to go in to work early.
reka2015ok thanks 😊
firefly89@annakim21 thank you very much, I am very interested Thank you for responding as fast as you do! I hope you have a wonderful night, and happy early holidays to you!
annakim21@firefly89 this is what it looks like on 😊
annakim21@theenti oh btw, the dimensions for iPhone 5 and 5s are exactly the same. Lol 😉
theenti@annakim21 thanks again 🎈🎈🎉
dariel_michelleOk, just one more question I forgot to ask, how tall are you, since you say it fits at your knee
annakim21@dariel_michelle it goes a little below my knee cap bc I'm pretty short. I'm 5'2". The skirt in length measures 22.5". I don't mind the questions! Please ask anything
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