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Ann's Closet


genuinegemstone🌞✌️🌜Congrats on your Fearless Fashion host pick!🌛✌️🌞
ajceraso🎉‼️🎉 congrats 🎉‼️🎉 on your 💥🌸💥fearless 💥⚡️fashion 💥🌸💥
splendeur🎉🎈🎊 ¢σиgяαтѕ σи уσυя вєαυтιfυℓ нρ!!!! 🎊🎈🎉
rubysbeautyCongrats on your Steals and Splurges Party host pick 10/27/14!
maureen888congraтѕ on yoυr woмan oғ ѕтyle parтy нoѕт pιcĸ!! 💇💅👗💄
dclopes✨️️️️Congrats on your beautiful Woman of Style HP!🔆⭐️
sugarmoon3What are the bust, waist and hip measurements for this dress?
anichka2013@sugarmoon3 bust is a 32B...waist is 25.5...
beautybooster"He looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man." -F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby ***CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ROMANTIC LUXE HP***
verocasadoCongrats on your HP!!!
christinaoohi there :) is this your lowest? i absolutely adore this jacket!!
anichka2013@christinaoo Hello!..Yea this is my lowest. It's brand new like. :)
yjieeTrade with my chanel espadrilles?
anichka2013@juscortes hey, it says the package has been delivered yesterday. If so, plZ accept.
ajceraso✨congrats✨ on your✏️✂️📌📎📖📚 office 👠️style ✏️✂️📌📎🍴📚
anichka2013@miraa thank u for the purchase! Glad u r satisfied with it😊💓
dressyouloveI am in love with your closet! I am regretful that I didn't find your closet easier, most of the shoes of my size have been sold:( but I am sure I will find something in the future!
anichka2013@dressyoulove thank u!!!! Maybe there is just better stuff waiting for u out there:))
anichka2013@nayla1988 Hi! U r back!:)..Ok I'll change the price right now:) And thank u!
anichka2013@nayla1988 So glad u r happy!!! And thank u for the ✨!!!...Banana split 😂..I can see that too now!🙊
jnicolasqJust bought it again. Lol. Thx girl :)
anichka2013I won't delete my original posting until u get ur package. Just incase...and I'll ship it out tomorrow!!!! Sorry about all this:) Hope they are worth the wait!!! @jnicolasq
jainieOk great, thank you! Looking forward to it! :)
anichka2013@jainie So glad u like it!!! Thank u for the 🌟!😘
stephsan82@anichka2013 No worries, I live in Sicily, I'm military. Chicago is usually the last stop before it gets to us. I'll accept it as soon as I get it :)
anichka2013@stephsan82 ahh ok..as long as u know what's going on😉
anichka2013@youngbabs0 hey! Thank u for the starts!:)...But just an fyi, I actually bought these shoes for a lot a lot more, and the sole was like that from the very beginning. It just wasn't a big deal to me. I don't want u thinking I didn't mention it in my description on purpose. It slipped my mind to even mention it, cause the shoes have been worn only once or twice, and they still look pretty great to me.
youngbabs0No problem! Totally makes sense thank you!
jnicolasqLmk when I can pay again. Thx
anichka2013@jnicolasq oooo I think u can pay once the transaction clears and then I'm gonna get rid of that "Sold" sign..cause it's not me that controls it...
anichka2013@melissafielitz wow! What a surprise!:)..Thank u for the purchase! Hope u like the bag!! I'll ship it out in a few hrs!
melissafielitz@anichka2013 I'm so excited! Thank you!
anichka2013@danas65 glad to hear so!😘
chicbirdieSaw you got mentioned on these Poshmark Facebook page - congrats and I can see why!!! 😍😍😍 Amazing closet!
ptazulThanks, they are more beautiful that what I thought... 👍😊
anichka2013@ptazul I'm sooo glad u r happy! Enjoy!:)
anichka2013@puddnpop51 yeah I don't know much about this app either:) lol..how do u like the shoes? Do they fit u well?
puddnpop51I love the shoes!! the fit is ok ..... just a little, little, little snug (not where I can't walk in them) going to stretch them a little for a little more room. Thanks for selling them at such a reasonable price!!! :D Have a great day!!
anichka2013@tinpat it really is. I didn't wear it for the longest time now. And no minor scratches or anything. I truly hope u will be happy with this purchase:)
tinpatThanks again.
katiezoeNope, I don't need box!
anichka2013@katiezoe ur shoes are shipped out!:) U should receive the package on Wednesday:) Thank u for shopping at my closet!!!:)) I hope u r happy with ur purchase:)
imani406@anichka2013 received the glasses today. Like u said they r SUPER big on my face but I like that charm about them. I will prob be made fun of in the summer but I like them. I happy with this purchase. Thanks for such a great deal!!
anichka2013@imani406 ouh I'm sure they look cute on u:) In fact oversized glasses are in style now a days:)...so u let them people know if they make fun of ya!!:))))😘...thank u for stopping by my closet:)))))
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