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Angela's Closet


angelaella@joeygalema hi u purchased a R Lauren Shirt from me before. I am tagging u in case u like this new shirt I just listed. I have a few other tshirts I'll tag u too just in case u like.
keoniaj2012Does it come with padding?
angelaella@keoniaj2012 hi. I think it came with light padding but i didn't like it. There is space to insert padding if u like but u would have to have ur own. I admit I sometimes get padding from lulumon if I need. Basically I don't have the padding but if u want to use there is a place to insert.
soledad85@no problem, thank you for ur time hun. I wonder it's abit long on me
angelaella@soledad85 I can measure the inseam if u like. My daughter is about 5'5" if that helps. For her great.
angelaella@atltennischick ok will do. I will try to get shipped tomorrow but latest on Monday. Thx for purchasing. They are great shorts.
atltennischickThanks . They look super cool . I have like 7 pair of the speed shorts but none of these yet
lisamich26๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜wish my size
isobelkatzWould you take 50 for the shoes,hoodie ,and jeans . I think free shipping for purchases over 50 .
angelaellaI can happily bundle your likes. Not sure if you wanted to include the already bundled workout tops I listed because you liked those as well, or just the single items?
angelaella@soul_kat hello there. Just wondering if you are still considering any of the workout items? Would love to make a deal with you and move some items.
angelaella@dancer0730 thx for ur message. The 4pcs
angelaella@dancer0730 (sorry last message got cut off!). Basically $45 is a little lower than I'd like but if you buy all four I'm ok with it. Let me know and I can make a bundle for $45.
angelaella@nardye both items are $38. I really prefer not to hold items. I understand you don't want to purchase til Friday but if you purchase now, by the time you receive and accept the shipment it will be close, if not after, Friday anyways. Let me know what you think. Btw, the shirt is lovely!!!
fab_fashionistaI really love your closet and your my shoe size! Definitely following you :)
rosalindamAwww so sad... its a little short for me. My husband may be no so glad! But thank you so much!!!
angelaella@rosalindam that's too bad! thx for letting me know.
ckb1259Trade?! โ˜บ๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™
angelaella@ckb1259 sorry no trades. It's only $6 so a straight purchase is best. Thx.
angelaella@fab_fashionista is there a % off price the discount needs to be to reduce shipping? I never purchase off posh. I just sell do I dont know from a buyers perspective. However if we agree on a price, the price would be lowered then so wouldn't that take care of it? I can lower by $1 now if that triggers it.
fab_fashionistaI'm not sure. I just lowered 3 of my items and I received an email saying my buyers are being notified of discounted shipping but I'm not sure how much needs to be lowered because I usually lower my items by a few dollars.
angelaella@fab_fashionista. I know you said these are not your size but these are my shoes as were the black ones that sold. So if u thought the black would fit you them these should too because they both fit me the same. The black shoe was banana republic so maybe the size is more predictable but these shoes fit me the same as the black did. Just suggesting since they would not fit you.
lacymarie2015What color is this boot? Is it a cream color or gray?
angelaella@lacymarie2015 good question. I think it's a beige with grey undertone. It's def not grey. But the beige seems to not have yellow undertone but rather more grey. Hope this helps. I would just say it's a very neutral beige.
mvega_0997Yes I am being series thank u
angelaella@mvega_0997 great. On the bottom right side of listing there is the "offer" button.
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