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Angela's Closet


angelaella@vonnie72 do u have any interest in this skirt? I'm trying to sell stuff and more motivated to sell. Let me know. Thx.
vonnie72@angelaella thanks I will keep it in mind. Just bought a bunch of stuff need to wait a bit๐Ÿ˜ƒ
angelaella@nardye both items are $38. I really prefer not to hold items. I understand you don't want to purchase til Friday but if you purchase now, by the time you receive and accept the shipment it will be close, if not after, Friday anyways. Let me know what you think. Btw, the shirt is lovely!!!
fab_fashionistaI really love your closet and your my shoe size! Definitely following you :)
soledad85@no problem, thank you for ur time hun. I wonder it's abit long on me
angelaella@soledad85 I can measure the inseam if u like. My daughter is about 5'5" if that helps. For her great.
angelaella@fab_fashionista is there a % off price the discount needs to be to reduce shipping? I never purchase off posh. I just sell do I dont know from a buyers perspective. However if we agree on a price, the price would be lowered then so wouldn't that take care of it? I can lower by $1 now if that triggers it.
fab_fashionistaI'm not sure. I just lowered 3 of my items and I received an email saying my buyers are being notified of discounted shipping but I'm not sure how much needs to be lowered because I usually lower my items by a few dollars.
angelaella@joeygalema hi u purchased a R Lauren Shirt from me before. I am tagging u in case u like this new shirt I just listed. I have a few other tshirts I'll tag u too just in case u like.
angelaella@swtcheeks hi! I uploaded a pic of what I measured. Hope it helps. Thx for your interest.
swtcheeksThanks Bunches!! That was perfect! I have fat calfs and need at least 16 in. Your's are about 14in. ! Good Luck Selling they are Beautiful boots!!
lisamich26๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜wish my size
isobelkatzWould you take 50 for the shoes,hoodie ,and jeans . I think free shipping for purchases over 50 .
rosalindamAwww so sad... its a little short for me. My husband may be no so glad! But thank you so much!!!
angelaella@rosalindam that's too bad! thx for letting me know.
mvega_0997Yes I am being series thank u
angelaella@mvega_0997 great. On the bottom right side of listing there is the "offer" button.
sarita801Love this
angelaella@sarita801 me too! I don't know why it hasn't sold yet. It's an awesome top. Very sexy. Behind the lace is flesh colored fabric so it looks revealing without being revealing. If you like this and the sweatshirt I can bundle. I would like to move my closet items. I encourage u to make a reasonable offer.
angelaellaI can happily bundle your likes. Not sure if you wanted to include the already bundled workout tops I listed because you liked those as well, or just the single items?
angelaella@soul_kat hello there. Just wondering if you are still considering any of the workout items? Would love to make a deal with you and move some items.
angelaella@dancer0730 thx for ur message. The 4pcs
angelaella@dancer0730 (sorry last message got cut off!). Basically $45 is a little lower than I'd like but if you buy all four I'm ok with it. Let me know and I can make a bundle for $45.
angelaella@shoeicidesage wow thx for the note. I've never had a Host pick before. That's exciting! Thanks again for letting me know!
oceanjewelersOMG this is perfect for the Kate Spade, JCrew, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Zara & Madewell Party!!
astidamWhat would you do on a bundle with the BR chiffon top?
angelaella@astidam hi! The shirt and top total $36. Please make me an offer. I am happy to do bundles.
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