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Angela's Closet


vibchicxolol sorry, the A & F grey short sleeve one.
angelaella@vibchicxo ok great! Those items total $37 but I can bundle them all for $30. That's slightly over 20% off and of course u pay just one shopping too. Great deal for brand names and all great condition. Let me know hon.
tinawearsπŸŽ‰I'd love to have this in my suitcase when I go on vacation! Congrats on a fabulous Vacation Obsession Host Pick!πŸŽ‰πŸ‘―πŸŽ‰πŸ‘―
careygirlI'm always a little vacation obsessed, and this host pick could certainly fuel an obsession- congratulations!!!
alexisjcWould you trade the black one?
angelaella@alexisjc I'm sorry but I'm not considering trades.
lisamich26😍😍wish my size
isobelkatzWould you take 50 for the shoes,hoodie ,and jeans . I think free shipping for purchases over 50 .
shoeicidesageI wasn't a host, but you got a Host Pick for 8/10! Congrats! 😁
angelaella@shoeicidesage wow thx for the note. I've never had a Host pick before. That's exciting! Thanks again for letting me know!
lulubay@angelaella ... Hi... I do like the colors, but it looks a little short?
angelaella@lulubay hi dear. No I don't remember this being short at all. I def don't recall my tummy being at risk of being exposed. I would remember that lol! If u like it otherwise I would let that hold u back. It's really a great top.
angelaella@joeygalema. Hi. This is another men's shirt size med, similar as the other u purchased. Same idea- washed once but never used. Not sure u like the style but thought to tag u. It's a nice shirt with jeans and cotton is really good quality. I really like this one.
joeygalema@angelaella thanks but I have to pass on this I have many shirts like this lol! 😘
suritaWould you do 10$?
angelaella@surita hi. This weekend I'm having a special of buy one get second at half price. Does anything else interest you?
lgarner5What is the material please
angelaella@lgarner5 hi! I can't check the label because I'm traveling this week. I'm pretty sure it's silk. If not it feels just as if it were silk. It has a nice Shen and is be well made. Great condition as it was hardly worn. Dies this answer your question? Please let me know if u want to now anything else. It's a very pretty and feminine piece.
kclark312Trade ?? 😁
angelaella@kclark312 I'm sorry I don't trade but the item is a great piece.
angelaella@mrtz39 a prior comment gives you some measurement details if that helps.
mrtz39Thanks :)
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