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Anka's Closet


ladygoogleThis is so cute! I have some questions about it - what's your email address?
ancab@ladygoogle what are your questions?
mrbirch68Just.looking, I can only trade right now.
calderwood84no problem - i'll take the gunmetal - thank you!
calderwood84the link of the old gunmetal listing isn't working anymore :( can you send me the link to the item?
ancab@toristurner hi I'm sorry for the late response... I'm actually out of town for the next couple of weeks but I'll message u when I get back if ur still interested!!
toristurneryeah! that's fine, just LMK.😊 @ancab
paytonalyseWould you trade both bow brackets for something in my closet?
nickibx3What color is this exactly?!
ancab@nickibx3 light gold w a pearl strand and also one row has clear studs on it. The charms are also light gold in color except one that is more gunmetal. It's costume jewelry
ancab@mzsassy04 sorry that too low:( $20 would b the lowest I could do with PayPal + shipping
tanyuhkaydo you still have this?
fstgrl17How long is it?
ancab@fstgrl17 6 inches the bracelet itself the chain is 2.5 inches and you can clasp it wherever you want
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