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Ariana's Closet


amassarat@nljorda1 I got them at a Nordstrom store called last chance. They mark the designer shoes with a 99 and make a small hole – I assume so that people can't return them to Nordstrom.
nljorda1Ok. They weren't priced at $99 right. I know off 5th does it and it's the price.
smskelton@amassarat can you pls try to squeeze them in? I just want to see the actual picture when it's on :)
amassarat@smskelton Yes, I will absolutely try. They are a full size too small. In the meantime, here is a pic I found online: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/194147433911340980/
amassarat@meruby Nope, they are olive green/greyish
a2minellaCould you measure the front rise for me please?
lilywilliamsss@amassarat Would you be willing to trade for my likes or at least some of them? Pleasseee😊😊😊
amassarat@janis0201 Hi. Please use the offer tool as I don't negotiate in the listing. Thanks.
mygoddessa@amassarat wht color is this
amassarat@autumnh88 Let me check. I only see a few in the last couple of days. I can check back further.
amassarat@autumnh88 Ok, I found 8 items for a total of $93. I can offer a 20% discount which brings the price to $74. Let me know what you think! I can ship today.
momazerHello, do these fit true to size? And are they comfortable?
amassarat@momazer Yes, they fit true to size. Personally, I think they are comfortable. Since they are wedges and have coverage over the top of the foot they are easy to wear. I only wore them for a short but but I have others like them and I can wear them all day without my feet hurting.
myrucca876✨Congrats on your HP✨💕
kyliebriennCongrats on your fab Host Pick at last night's Posh Party! So well deserved. Thank you for being a leader in this community and helping set standards sky high! Cheers to new followers and many many sales in BOTH our futures ;) Xo
duggsWould you trade??
duggsIm considering buying these but i don't know how i feel about the openings in the side, can you post them being worn?? @amassarat
amassarat@shannoncarie hi! These are big on me and will likely be big on you because it sounds like you are a 7.5, right? They are nice and would probably fit a size 8 just fine since they are all enclosed.
shannoncarie@amassarat I'm really more of a 7.5, yes. I want to get them so badly but it will stink if they don't fit.
elizmulPerfect choice!! ♡ CONGRATS on your " GLITTER & GLAMOR" worthy Host Pick! ♡ Every girl NEEDS to shimmer and shine!! ♡
myrucca876✨Congrats on your HP✨💕
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