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Ariana's Closet


amassarat@nljorda1 I got them at a Nordstrom store called last chance. They mark the designer shoes with a 99 and make a small hole – I assume so that people can't return them to Nordstrom.
nljorda1Ok. They weren't priced at $99 right. I know off 5th does it and it's the price.
simplymissglamYour closet is so cute and fun! I will be back for this! I just need to make a couple more sales, in just new to posh! πŸ’•
amassarat@msamyhui i bought them gently used and that hole was already there. It makes no difference in the feel of the shoe though and you can't even see it when it's on. No biggie!
msamyhui@amassarat ok, please model these for md
amassarat@ysapot I am happy to post more pics for you. What are you interested in seeing close up? I will take them today and post them here or on a separate listing.
ysapotCool..I'll wait..I want to see the 4 corners and the close look of the buckles lock
amassarat@meruby Nope, they are olive green/greyish
a2minellaCould you measure the front rise for me please?
heyitsjackiexohow big is a size 2? is it like a small, medium, large? something different?
amassarat@heyitsjackiexo Its like a S but also can fit an XS as I am between sizes
kriistahhAnd congrats on having a baby!!!! 😊
amassarat@kriistahh I am worried that it would be too big for you. Before I was pregnant I was a 2627. Do you have any other J.Crew pants?
lilywilliamsss@amassarat Would you be willing to trade for my likes or at least some of them? Pleasseee😊😊😊
torisandraStill avail?
wolleatjWill you lower these to 19 so that I can get discounted shipping and I will purchase immediately?? :-) please and thank you
amassarat@shannoncarie hi! These are big on me and will likely be big on you because it sounds like you are a 7.5, right? They are nice and would probably fit a size 8 just fine since they are all enclosed.
shannoncarie@amassarat I'm really more of a 7.5, yes. I want to get them so badly but it will stink if they don't fit.
ohmelisapOh my can you ask her please and explain another posher was negotiating price pretty please im sure she will understand I appreciate you taking the time to do this
ohmelisapAgain I mean no disrespect and I'm terribly sorry if I'm a bother 😭
seesitaI completely understand, I will keep the dress in my likes until I can purchase.
amassarat@autumnh88 I can do $72. Let me know if you want me to bundle.
autumnh88@amassarat Okay I will take it at $72. Thank you.
zizyme@amassarat and if it's alright would you include this one to the same amount you said for my bundle before ? 3 for $31?😊
amassarat@zizyme Hi! Sorry, $32 is too low but I can do $38 which is a bit over 15% off. Let me know and I will create your bundle!
zizyme@amassarat hi it's me again sorry for the late update I'm back in Los Angeles nowπŸ˜ŠπŸ’• by the way I'm not going to get the jeans and the floral top anymore I decide to get the bracelet and the silky top how much for the 2? Thanks
amassarat@danson4 I can do both for $19. I usually discount much more for 3 or more items. Let me know if you'd like to create the bundle! I can ship it tomorrow morning!
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