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Aly's Closet


roxipenaHow much do u weigh because I wanna see if Oma going to look ok in it
alynicole17About 100lbs
cocoaaneneWhere's this from? And original price ?
alynicole17@cocoaanene it's from the boutique I work at and it was originally $28
alynicole17@aespo19 this is the lowest hun and im 5'5
cshebat@alynicole17 hey😃. I've got to say, you have a FANTASTIC closet!! Anyway, can you get this in a large?
claudia041992What's the lowest I'll take
alynicole17@claudia041992 you can put in your best offer but I'd like to sell for this price:)
crazycrystal33are these tight around the upper,part of ur leg at all?
alynicole17@crazycrystal33 you can unfold them so they hit over the knee
angel10@valentinalollib hey Valentina, not sure if you've checked this closet out yet or not but she has some amazing stuff! :)
leslile22How much would u bundle all the stuff I liked for,? I want the skinny vs joga pants
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