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Aly's Closet


spolusI'm a size 24 in pants- think this would be too big?
alynicole17@spolus no it should fit you I'm a 24 also
starbucksgal13@alynicole17 is this true to size?
alynicole17@starbucksgal13 I'm not positive I purchased it so it would be oversized but I would think yes it's a really nice tailored vintage blazer
claudia041992What's the lowest I'll take
alynicole17@claudia041992 you can put in your best offer but I'd like to sell for this price:)
leslile22How much would u bundle all the stuff I liked for,? I want the skinny vs joga pants
dbrittanieCan u sell this for 10 Hun lmk so I can purchase
alynicole17@dbrittanie no sorry I sold my other one for this price.
blaqbarbieOk Hun thanks can't wait 😀
leonita800Hello ☺️ I'm trying to help some people who are trying to down size there closet out here, or just make a little extra cash, there is this app called mercarí and they take out & 0% away from your sales, so what you sell is what you get 😊 you can sell whatever you want on there. Use the code ( YMAZGE ) when signing up and you get a few credits to start you off😀
alynicole17@ashleyvlu posted a pic!
ashleyvluthanks! i'm interested, ill let you know soon if im going to purchase!
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