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Teshayna's Closet


mytherapyOk, I'm a 5.5, usually 6 is too big, but sometimes I put pads in to make them work ! I'll keep in my likes!💕💕💕
alohashay@slradke4746 sorry hun but I can't at the moment because I don't have all items yet because of my move. I recently moved and not all boxes have been shipped off yet.
alohashay@contactlina there is no way of doing that sorry.
contactlinaWhat about through payment such as ebay? Unable to type the word here. My email is Kim.Lina at gmail
janismarieCongratulations on the upcoming wedding!!
mollys3I get messages nearly everyday asking, "will you take $" and they give me a price. I have had sooo many Posher's ask that question and after I have agreed they r MIA. So rude!! Congrats on ur upcoming wedding. Have a wonderful, stress free day. Enjoy every moment! Molly
alohashay@lovesw74 hey, I am sorry for shipping it late. I figured you should know why: I had ram out of printer ink and my printer wasn't set up right. My apologies.
fashionlov3r87awe thanks sweetheart i totally appreciate your honesty !!! do u have more vs by chance or miss me jeans?
alohashay@fashionlov3r87 no problem hun! Hmm, other than what I already have in my closet? I can look around!
rooney52@alohashay 💫✨🍷Congratulations on HP!!!!!! 🍷✨💫
rubysbeautyCongrats on your Off Duty Chic Host Pick!
frranccisYes please bundle them for me !
alohashay@frranccis I bundled them for you! Ill most likely send it tomorrow!
mytherapyoops! Accidentally shared to the party, sorry! 💕💕💕
isa_wine_loverI just hope you don't start getting congratulatory messages again 😱 A couple of days ago, someone shared a party listing from June 2013! Lol... Happy Sunday🌹
alohashayHahaha! No way!? That's funny. @isa_wine_lover
jenniferrleeVery cute girl! 😍👠👍
maaly212Those are gorgeous shoes! Gotta check out her closet now :)
jenniferrleeHi doll, how are you?? I've been meaning to send you a message but it's been pretty darn busy! 😕 How was your wedding? How's married life??
alohashay@m_khuc12 hey, I think it was USPS mistake! I noticed they are shipping it backwards. I think it's officially headed to you soon! :)
m_khuc12Ok thank u so much!!!
alohashayAwesome. Please do my a favor and go to your purchases and click delivered :) glad you like it
kaitlynncelesteThank you so much and I def will give the hello kitty holder to my little sister! 💕
alohashay@kaitlynnceleste a yay!! I enjoyed it so much, just don't really use purses haha
alohashayThe wholes in the front can easily patched with a fun.print of your choice from underneath :)
sarah_nesbitI'll think about it. I'm still on the fence
jessicaco94I'd love to bundle this with the two navy & white skirts
alohashayAwesome. Ill make your bundle now. @jessicaco94
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