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! allison's Closet


allygirl1964Already added you - thanks!! @fashiontopshop
allygirl1964Hey - you've put this on several of my listings and I did what you asked. Please no more posts - thank you!!! 😄@fashiontopshop
jast17@allygirl1964 what is the lowest you will go? I have been looking for a pair!
allygirl1964Feel free to make me an offer thru the offer button and we can negotiate there :) I don't have much wiggle room, but I can negotiate just a little. Thanks so much! @jast17
sunnysharonBy small, what is the Chico's size? 00,0,0.5,1?
allygirl1964Hi there! It is a size 1. I hope this helps! :) @sunnysharon
rockafellerI hope I am too! If it's meant to be it will still be here. I'm going to start my own closet and sell a bunch of my stuff too. That way I can buy a bunch of your stuff. ♥️ lol I guess that's how it works right?
rockafellerDo you know where people get those mannequins? I want to try to get a used one. I have a ton of nice things that just don't fit anymore or I've just never worn. I'll read up tonight when I get back home on how to get started ♥️
showme2themall🎶🎤🎶 You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You're beautiful, it's true. I saw your face in a crowded place, And I don't know what to do, 'Cause I'll never be with you.🎶🎤🎶Congrats🎈💥on your "Bold & Beautiful" host pick💕👠💕
mistyd1981@allygirl1964 Happy to choose it! Love it! 😊
nami001@allygirl1964 🎉🎊 Congratulations on your fabulous Girly Essentials party Host Pick! 🎉🎊 I'm cheering with you and sharing your awesome listing 💃💕
dclopes🎉Beautiful HP! Congrats!🎉
jessieb28@allygirl1964 do u have this in a small?
allygirl1964@jessieb28 no, I don't have it in a small but I have it in a medium that runs small.
suziemarcoCheck out my closet! I Feel like we have similar taste!
ohhdillePlease help me share my closet! I have 2 babies and my 3 month old son has a medical condition which requires 24/7 attention. I lost my job because I couldn't return being that I was in and out of the hospital with my son. He is on 3 different medications and a special formula that is quite expensive. We were ok until just 3 weeks ago my husband lost his job as well. I am Turning to poshmark to help our family make some income until we can stabilize. Please help me share. Thank you! 🙏
bibliophile2@allygirl1964 with shipping that takes me a bit
bibliophile2@ more than I would like $10 (with shipping) is bringing me higher than I would like to go. I'm headed to Austria to help troubled youth and need some warm clothes. This not a guilt think. It's a tight budget thing that explains my situation. This trip is getting very pricey. If your counter is as far as you can go with the posh cut I completely understand. Just let me know.
allygirl1964I have several of these, so yes I can hold through Monday night. Will that work? And will you for SURE come back for them @blassiter93
lisadraper@mnestheide Mary...I bet these would match your beautiful bracelet :)) xoxoxox Lsia
allislane@allygirl1964 Can you tell I love your closet!?!? Haha, I could get in trouble!💕
jsuchsHave this in gray, it's a great top!!
hydrogirlYou have such a fabulous eye for style and fashion Allison😊 I always love coming into your closet!
allygirl1964Same Sally Sue, same!!! You're too kind! XOXO @hydrogirl
bohosimplified_did you style this?? its adorable!!! love your closet
allygirl1964Yes - thank you so much! 😃❤️
allygirl1964The bracelet is sterling, the charms are silver plated. It's a great quality bracelet. :) @tonyslove
tonysloveThank you. Yes its very pretty and I prefer silver over gold.
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