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Allison's Closet


housedubsJust wondering, are these comfortable for at least 5 hours at a time or are they just for running quick errands?
xanxanHi beautiful, I saw that you were interested in a Chanel purse. I have an absolutely beautiful white authentic Chanel in my closet ;) feel free to take a look and gimme your best offer! 👛happy poshing!
msmegan@allybourne hi I just wanted to let you know I formally filed a case for Poshmark to review because USPS marked the parcel as delivered, however, nothing was delivered to me. I anticipate the support team will resolve the issue for us shortly. Thanks so much for your patience.
chercherboutikThis bag is a Posh treasure. Has it found its new home?
alinagarbmodel them on?
nataliyajoyaHi there, I have made you an offer ... Waiting for your response
glamtreatsStill selling?
hoodhaute@allybourne .. how much.. im prepared to pay now will u accept 50 via pp .. with no fees?.
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