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Kate's Closet


krimmerHow much for just the jeans and this jacket? I was getting the shirt to go with the skirt....
allthingskate@krimmer I could do $95 for the jeans and jacket.
maureen888C͙o͙n͙g͙r͙a͙t͙s͙ o͙n͙ y͙o͙u͙r͙ W͙o͙r͙k͙ W͙e͙e͙k͙ C͙h͙i͙c͙ P͙a͙r͙t͙y͙ H͙o͙s͙t͙ P͙i͙c͙k͙!! ✨💖💫🌟
dclopes✨Beautiful HP! Congrats!✨
jewelmom69I love how you model and outfit is so awesome
primitivegrannyLove your closet but love your red hair, same color that my dgt has, great poshing
allthingskate@pandas4 I did an 8 week core challenge which paired clean eating with protein shakes and all natural supplements. Since then I've just kept on going with the balanced and clean eating!! I have a post on here about it (I'll tag you), but you can learn more about my journey on my blog: www.allthingskate.com or you can buy the Transformation Pack (which gives you all you need for the 8 weeks and a meal planning guide) at: kate.gomynt.com !
pandas4This looks great and you look fabulous !! I am going to purchase this tomorrow in hopes that I too may be able to post all my nice clothes on this site..you truly are an inspiration and cannot wait to start this journey !!
mrsalliexo💗🎉 CONGRATULATIONS on getting to be a Co-Host ✨💜✨ I would be so honored if you took a look at my closet for possible Host Pick for the party!!! 👏🙏 Thank you SO SO much!!! Have fun 🎀
pandas4Hi there !! Is the shirt in this pic available? Thx !!
allthingskate@pandas4 it's already sold -- sorry!
iyanla2015How much would you bundle this and the snakeskin clutch for?
allthingskate@iyanla2015 it would be $50 but with 10% bundle discount, $45.
katenik@allthingskate you look great in this outfit. What size are you in these days? Watching you transform via your outfits is really amazing.
allthingskate@katenik Awww, thanks!!! <3 I am about a size 10/12 or M/L nowdays... it's crazy!!!
allthingskate@obeast Thanks! Many of my items are high-quality designer items with minimal-to-no wear. I do offer 10% discount on bundles. Let me know what you're interested in!
kimwalters2What kind of discount could you give me o thus? I've been obsessed with it and need it to wear for a function but I. Disable and can't afford much 😁😁😁. I'm crossing. my fingers! I would love to possibly trade for partial cash. Sorry. Sound so desperate but I am😂
sadielovelyGah, you look so good! I'm just going to keep sharing your clothes cause like, damn girl!
paulascloset14Love the purse. Very nice pic.
cileia@allthingskate Nicely done! I love it that you model your stuff yourself. Good job! 😊
lwschlprncss👏🎉👏🎉👏CONGRATULATIONS on your "Back to Basics" Host Pick!!👏🎉👏🎉👏
allthingskate@aubreyanne3 sorry about that!!! Which measurements did you want? It's 23" from side to side along the bottom hem when fully stretched.
allthingskate@aubreyanne3 and yes, Nordstrom is where I do 90% of my shopping! Also Macy's, Nordstrom Rack.
projectrunway🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼   🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸   🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷     🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼        🍀🍀🍀🍀            🐊🐊               🌱          🍃🌱               🌱 Congratulations on your Host Pick/Sharing...
maureen888C͙o͙n͙g͙r͙a͙t͙s͙ o͙n͙ y͙o͙u͙r͙ s͙a͙s͙s͙y͙ S͙t͙r͙e͙e͙t͙ S͙t͙y͙l͙e͙ P͙a͙r͙t͙y͙ H͙o͙s͙t͙ P͙i͙c͙k͙!! 💖✨💎💫
allthingskate@sheoashie yes, true to size. Let me know if you're interested!
elilitaCongrats on hosting! I love your closet, no wonder why you have so many followers! Have fun :)
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