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Alisa's Closet


debbiegravesIs this the lowest price you will accept? Thank you for your time! !
alisa425@debbiegraves no everything is negotiable $30?
dbascomIs there wool in this?
alisa425@dbascom no wool in it!!! it's so beautiful pictures really give it no justice
kheyI think the two dresses I like are really cute, just not my size :( I browse what else is there that might caught my eyes, but nothing at the moment. Btw,cute baby :)
alisa425@khey thank you I should be posting new stuff soon!!
alisa425@shoppingaddict hey girl I can bundle scarf and wristlet if your still interested??
lovenwright You've got a lot of cute items your closet! πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ‘›πŸ‘“πŸŽ€ definitely following! Please follow back! 😘😘
alisa425@santosantos hello so sorry for the delay I have been working a ton I will get to post office tomorrow morning thank you for your patience πŸ˜‰
viva_coutureI'm not too sure yet.. I'm looking for one similar to yours but without she V-neck collar.
alisa425@viva_couture ok let me know if you change your mind :)
alisa425@ttbella81 so sorry I can drop this down to 25 if your still interested?
alisa425@tbella r u still interested for 25???
alisa425@randilynn1227 yes I got your message so sorry I was putting my son down for bed thank you so much I will let you know when I am ready thank you!!!
alisa425@shentel21 all prices are negotiable πŸ˜‰
alisa425@posheffects thank you for all the shares and the rating!! Did the shoes fit well??
posheffects@alisa425 The nude color ones are perfect, but the black ones fit a little snug. I'll try wearing them around the house to stretch them out. :) Thank you for the great prices!
alisa425@randilynn1227 hey Hun I think I am gonna pass I am so sorry I just don't think it will fit everything I have bought off of here never fits right lol thank you so much for your time :)
randilynn1227@alisa425 no problem!! Thank you:)
angelmariaπŸ’–Hi doll, sites bane is threadflip.com I don't have anything listed there yet but will soon and if someone wants something from my closet I can just create that listing to shop free.
alisa425@aftonvictoria would you like to trade anything in my closet for the sunglasses ???
aftonvictoriaNo I need to sell them. Sorry I need the $$
michyc87I'll get back to you later. If someone buys in meantime that's fine. It's really cute. Like new? In great gifting condition?
alisa425@michyc87 def never used but no tag like new
alisa425They were worn once I tried to clean the bottoms but that's the best I got
sam32193@sweetnsilly see another persons says a youth size 5 fits a women's 7.
sweetnsilly@sam32193 you have convinced me! If I'm allowed I would like to purchase your uggs! Not sure if I can but I would love to apologize publicly on the item.
supercheney17I absolutely adore them! I'm serious thinking about getting another pair in another color too!!
alisa425@supercheney17 oh I am so happy you like them!!
candyces@alisa425 i need this shirt!! Nobody understands my need to stay fly. How low can you go?
alisa425@candyces ha ha your always fly
alisa425@alyrid hey girl did you like your book??
alyrid@alisa425. Love it! So organizational and will be useful. I'm gonna start writing tomorrow. Just in time for my 2nd ultrasound on wend. Thank you very much
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