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Alisa's Closet


dbascomIs there wool in this?
alisa425@dbascom no wool in it!!! it's so beautiful pictures really give it no justice
alisa425@randilynn1227 hey Hun I think I am gonna pass I am so sorry I just don't think it will fit everything I have bought off of here never fits right lol thank you so much for your time :)
randilynn1227@alisa425 no problem!! Thank you:)
alisa425@jishkaaa ok perfect will mail out Saturday!! Thank youn
jishkaaaThank you as well!!! :)
alisa425@shoppingaddict hey girl I can bundle scarf and wristlet if your still interested??
alisa425@025473 all prices are negotiable 😀
angelmaria💖Hi doll, sites bane is threadflip.com I don't have anything listed there yet but will soon and if someone wants something from my closet I can just create that listing to shop free.
alisa425@weddingring hey I noticed a few little stains on the sweater when I was packaging they are subtle I haven't worn it in forever so I didn't realize we can cancel order if you want or Lowe price
weddingringCan you send pics of the stains so I can determine if I want it or not
alisa425@julz10163 totally understand just wanted to make sure you were aware so you weren't waiting for it.
julz10163@alisa425 ok thanks girl!
patty1619Yes thank you very much i will change my review thank you!
alisa425@patty1619 thank you I appreciate it honest mistake glad we fixed this
alisa425@ttbella81 so sorry I can drop this down to 25 if your still interested?
alisa425@tbella r u still interested for 25???
alisa425@diva73 thank you for the purchase will ship out tomorrow!!!!
alisa425@diva73 hey girl did you get the polish? If so can you accept that you received it so it can release your payment. I hope you love them thank you!!
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