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Abigail's Closet


abigailedith@elly45 it says vinyl but it looks like and feels like a leathery material. I would def. say it's not fake looking
lucky7bohogirlThanks for getting back to me! Unfortunately, its going to be too short. :(
abigailedith@lucky7bohogirl no problem!! Thanks for the interest
emmamonsonGood luck selling in the future. You showed your true character and no one wants to work with a shady person who can't keep their word. Good going!
amariexEw talk about shady.
abigailedith@pandacita there's a little discoloration but you can't really notice if you are wearing it out other then that yes it stretches and no skratches
pandacita@abigailedith okay thank you for the info 😊
erinnsclosetWould you sell it to me with cash? Like I send you the money first, and once you receive it you send my package?
abigailedith@erinnscloset no sorry I rather sell through poshmark
abigailedith@jangiff no problem! Changing it now and I'll ship it tomorrow
jangiffSuper great thanks so much paid. Xo πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰thanks for quick ship. I want for a vacation. You rock !!
findsx@abigailedith can we have your permission to put your item on our site? we're here to help buyers and sellers. sellers: to sell their item quickly and successfully. buyers: to find what they're looking for, whether it's a celebrity item (such as yours), an item on their wishlist, etc. we're just here to help. our site is poshmarkfinds.tumblr.com
adrinvsThank u .. will b waiting !! :)
abigailedith@adrinvs thanks I'll send them out today or tomorrow morning !! Enjoy them
abigailedith@elilat ill ship as soon as I can thanks for the purchase!
elilatLovely boots! Thank you sweetie :)
73v3n❀❀❀yay congrats on your super Fab "HP" =)❀❀❀HP
abigailedith@hchen23 shipped!! The post office said it might take a while to get to you cause I'm shipping from ny
hchen23No problem. Thank u:)
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