Poshmark Other - 20% Off Bundles 🆓 ITEMS

20% Off Bundles 🆓 ITEMS

$20 $20  
Love Posh & following their guidelines. I offer 20% off Bundle of 2+ items! Love to share listings of others & hope they thank me by sharing & following back! 💋 ask me anything, but please be polite!! Feel free to make offers! I only decline offers that are too low. Everything is negotiable, (unless price is ✂️ to lowest), just need to communicate with me 😊 I treat all my customers differently & fairly to meet their needs of what they want to purchase in my closet! 🌹Posher since March 2015 🌺
Poshmark Other - Check out my sista @jamesblonde 💃💃💃💃💃

Check out my sista @jamesblonde 💃💃💃💃💃

$999 $10000000  
@jamesblonde 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Poshmark Other - Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for sharing.

$1000 $10000  
I try to return all shares. Sometimes I get a little behind. I will not share damaged items, inappropriate items, non posh approved items. Inspired items and multiple listings of the same item. I get so bored looking a closets that list the same item in 3 sizes , 3 colors, if you must. Mix it up. Change up the picture. Change the background. I find if its not selling retake the picture and restage the item. Happy Poshing!
POSHMARK Other - ⭐️Suggested User⭐️

⭐️Suggested User⭐️

$500 $999999  
I'm a Poshmark Suggested User, Top 10% Seller, Fast Shipper, Top-Rated Seller, Top 10% Sharer and a Posh Mentor. Have faith that all transactions will be completed quickly and honestly. All merchandise is in amazing condition and I take pride in these statistics!
Poshmark Jewelry - Exclusive Poshlove Necklace

Exclusive Poshlove Necklace

$15 $0  
Are you a Poshmark lover but where unable to attend Poshfest Vegas or San Fran? Well no worries. I have this for you! Only Poshers from Vegas received this lovely Poshlove necklace thus making this a limited piece. It's silver tone. Never worn. Poshaholic shirt is NOT included. 8 1/2" chain.
Poshmark Shoes - ❌Share!♠️PART I FOLLOWING GAME!♠️


$999 $0  
Let's help each other get more FOLLOWERS! 💠LIKE this post 💠TAG 3 POSHERS! 💠FOLLOW ME + ALL who also liked 💠COME BACK to check for new followers And most of all: 💕SHARE SHARE SHARE!💕 The more you share, the more followers you get!! Now.....Watch your followers MULTIPLY!!!💨😃👏 ✨🌟Happy Poshing!🌟✨
Poshmark  Accessories - Black Friday Sale Happening Now

Black Friday Sale Happening Now

$2015 $2015  
As we all know the number 1 rule Poshmark state's is to not harass our fellow poshers with the infamous quote "Are you interested" but people seem to do it anyway. This is the most irritating trend on Poshmark, it's like walking into a store and a sales associate follows your every move or tells you about a sale on each item you touch so therefore you leave without buying at all nor returning. Please stop with your shenanigans. Time is everything, so please cherish it in a different way.
poshmark Other - Prices negotiable!

Prices negotiable!

$999 $0  
If you see something you like don't hesitate to make a reasonable offer :) I also have bundling available so take advantage and save!
poshmark Other - Rules


$100 $10000  
PoshMark have rules for a reason
Poshmark Other - Don't ask me to break the rules!!!

Don't ask me to break the rules!!!

$99 $100000000000  
Experience is a good teacher, it takes someone like me to know. I don't take sales outside of Poshmark and I only offer bundle discounts. Please use offer button for negotiations.
Poshmark  Other - Happy Poshing‼️

Happy Poshing‼️

$6000 $0  
Make sure to follow and share all of those who like this post 😁🎉🌸💅🏼💁🏻Don't forget the host ❤️
Poshmark Accessories - 💖 30% ENDED for ALL Pink Jewelry Thru 11/1! 💖

💖 30% ENDED for ALL Pink Jewelry Thru 11/1! 💖

$40 $4000000  
🐚 30% off ALL Pink Jewelry! 💖 JEWELRY 4 SALE WHILE MOVING TO FLORIDA: BOGO 50% off Kate Spade, BOGO FREE all other Jewelry or 30% off Pink thru 11/1. Once in FL, 80% of my closet will be unavailable from September - December until house is built EXCEPT 4 JEWELRY! 🙏 Thank you for helping me get to 100K Followers! I'm so grateful for your support! As always I will still donate 20% to the American Cancer Society even during sale! Happy Poshing! Thanks for sharing! 🐚
Poshmark Dresses & Skirts - Poshmark Party! EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS


$5000 $10000  
11/2/15 Theme: everyday essentials! Tag me in posh compliant closets!---------💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋I'm only about half way through, tag me in listings that are YOUR every day essentials! Thanks for partying with me!
Poshmark Other - 🎀SUGGESTED USER🎀


$1000 $1000  
I am so excited to share the news! I have finally received that coveted email confirming I am in good standing and abide by Posh rules. Thanks to all my buyers, mentors and PFFs for the coaching and support. I could not have done it without you! 💐💐💐😘
PoshMark Accessories - 🔝#TopSeller #FastShipper #TopSharer #PoshMentor🔝

🔝#TopSeller #FastShipper #TopSharer #PoshMentor🔝

$10 $10000000  
🔝#TopSeller #FastShipper #TopSharer #PoshMentor🔝
poshmark Handbags - Meet your seller! Posher

Meet your seller! Posher

$999 $999  
Hi! My name is Beth and I am your seller :) I have four teen children, one husband of 21 years, 2 dogs (Olly and Ava), a cat (miss kitty), and a turtle (franklin). We live in deep east texas and my husband and I are both nurses! Things I love: jewelry, michael kors, pandora, kate spade! Nice to meet yall!
Poshmark Accessories - 🎉🎉THANK YOU!!!🎉🎉

🎉🎉THANK YOU!!!🎉🎉

$6000 $0  
Thank you girls for joining us tonight and supported all the way! Hope you enjoy all HPs, If only I could choose all of your fab listings, I would. 100 HPs are really not enough. LOL!
Poshmark Accessories - Fedoras


$10 $15  
Don't wear them
Poshmark Other - AN INVITATION FOR JULY 15


$6666 $77777  
Please join me on July 15 for a party you wont want to miss ( ; XOXO ❤️🐝
Poshmark Accessories - 🎉FREE SHIPPING🎉


$50 $5000  
Poshmark  Sweaters - Geo-print cardigan

Geo-print cardigan

$20 $40  
Very comfy cardigan, hangs loosely in the front, long sleeved. Tan, brown and black. Size large but runs small. I usually wear small and it fits me very well.
Poshmark Other - 🎉Poshmark Updates As of 8.26.14🎉

🎉Poshmark Updates As of 8.26.14🎉

$20 $20  
🎉As a member of the User_Forum I'm proud to present the latest Poshmark Updates As of 8.26.14 🎉
Poshmark Other - Posh Party in San Diego!! June 4! W Hotel!

Posh Party in San Diego!! June 4! W Hotel!

$138 $0  
Making connections with women and men who love Poshmark and definitely love to posh!
Poshmark Accessories - A Thank You Note from Poshmark❤️

A Thank You Note from Poshmark❤️

$888 $777  
❤️I L❤️VE POSH💋💋👭
Poshmark Tops - YOUTH LARGE Cool Story Bro Crewneck

YOUTH LARGE Cool Story Bro Crewneck

$20 $25  
YOUTH LARGE. (Which is a children's large but it does run big so fits like an x-small) Gray cool story bro Crewneck. Actually bought this from another posher from a girl, the girl sold it to me saying it was a medium and it came as a youth large which just doesn't work for me. Perfect condition, nothing wrong with it at all. **Always willing to negotiate prices and model, don't be afraid to ask**
Poshmark Other - 🔷SHIMMER & SHINE🔷1/19/15 Thank you Ladies!!😍😍

🔷SHIMMER & SHINE🔷1/19/15 Thank you Ladies!!😍😍

$7 $100000000  
😄😄 I just want to say THANK YOU LADIES😄😄So very much for all of your support, kindness, tips, Posh love, I am truly overwhelmed by what a wonderful Posh community I am blessed to be a part of!!!!!!! I hope everyone had fun, once I got a hang of it, WOW😍What a blast!!!! Thank you Posh for this honor of Co-hosting my first Posh Party!!!!! What a wonderful thing, where a bunch of gals can get together, and have such a great time, buying, selling, and chatting 😄 A great big THANK YOU to all ☺️
Poshmark Other - Make an offer

Make an offer

$100 $0  
All of the prices are negotiable, so make an offer.❤️
Poshmark Handbags - Pink satchel

Pink satchel

$25 $35  
Pink pleather satchel with a cute little black pocket.
poshmark Other - This is great so no 1 can try to break posh rules

This is great so no 1 can try to break posh rules

$99 $99  
I actually came across this by accident as one of my best posh friends nick name is MY PPP!! We are posh pen pals! As I was trying to leave her a comment calling her my PPP this message popped up! At first I couldn't figure out why this message would come up and block me from talking as I follow all posh rules but soon realized the computer thought I was saying the forbidden word! Anyways I think this is great for those who are trying to abuse what we all work so hard to not do!! 😉


$143 $143  
Come celebrate with us as Poshmark turns 2 at Arcodoro right by the Galleria in Houston, TX on Friday, December 6, 2013 from 7-10 pm to be hosted by these amazing Posh ladies! @sheelagoh @cindytn @phinayi @playcat3
Poshmark Other - PoshFest 2013

PoshFest 2013

$1000 $0  
Just wanted to tell you all how honored I am to have been able to join you all in Vegas this weekend to kickstart PoshFest 2013 with the entire Poshmark team and community who attended. I hope my inspirational talk and style panel help you to pursue your dreams and do your own fashion thing! If we haven't met, please come say hi and introduce yourself at tonight's Posh Party. Also, make sure to checkout my fashion brand on instagram @shopstylemafia Xx, Simonett
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