Poshmark Accessories - Come Check Me Out...

Come Check Me Out...

$500 $500  
Variety is the Name
Poshmark Other - Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for sharing.

$1000 $10000  
I try to return all shares. Sometimes I get a little behind. I will not share damaged items, inappropriate items, non posh approved items. Inspired items and multiple listings of the same item. I get so bored looking a closets that list the same item in 3 sizes , 3 colors, if you must. Mix it up. Change up the picture. Change the background. I find if its not selling retake the picture and restage the item. Happy Poshing!
Poshmark Sweaters - Blue Ombré Sweater

Blue Ombré Sweater

$10 $39  
Purchased on a Poshmark boutique. Sweater did not fit me like I wanted it to. It's a bit wrinkled but could easily be steamed or ironed out. Dark navy blue fades to a pure white color. Size medium but fits like a small. Never worn.
Poshmark  Jackets & Blazers - Stripped sweater

Stripped sweater

$6 $34  
Stripped sweater fits size S. Great for a cool fall day. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram! @Chablee http://instagram.com/chablee
poshmark Accessories - 💋POSHMARK KNIT JERSEY SCARF


$10 $0  
Long grey jersey knit scarf in grey with white writing.Truly one of a kind! I am a closet shopper in white. Poshmark✈📦
poshmark Dresses & Skirts - Shape forming dress

Shape forming dress

$10 $18  
Size XL bought from poshmark boutique. Worn once to a party and it's very flattering. I'm a 10/12 and it fit perfectly.
Poshmark Other - Don't ask me to break the rules!!!

Don't ask me to break the rules!!!

$99 $100000000000  
Experience is a good teacher, it takes someone like me to know. I don't take sales outside of Poshmark and I only offer bundle discounts. Please use offer button for negotiations.
Poshmark  Other - Happy Poshing‼️

Happy Poshing‼️

$5000 $0  
Make sure to follow and share all of those who like this post 😁🎉🌸💅🏼💁🏻Don't forget the host ❤️
Poshmark Accessories - Check out my closet 🌺

Check out my closet 🌺

$20 $20  
Love Posh & following their guidelines. I offer 20% off Bundles of 2+ items! Love to share listings of others & hope they thank me by sharing & following back! 💋 ask me anything, but please be polite!! Feel free to make offers! I only decline offers that are too low. Everything is negotiable, just need to communicate with me 😊 I treat all my customers differently & fairly to meet their needs of what they want to purchase in my closet! 🌹Posher since March 2015 🌺
poshmark Other - Five starts rating

Five starts rating

$888 $0  
I m honesty to my items and pricing. Welcome to review my closet and feel free to make me a offer :)
Poshmark Tops - Lace trim knit top

Lace trim knit top

$5 $0  
Long sleeve taupe knit top w/ lace trim
poshmark Other - Posh goodness

Posh goodness

$2222 $33333333333  
Posh ethics


$999 $9999  
🎉🎉Save an additional 10% off $20 or more today only until 12 AM🎉🎉🎉


$6 $100  
Look for it! It's a USPS Ad with POSHMARK on the back of the truck. You have to look for it since the truck is moving! WAY COOL!!!
poshmark Jackets & Blazers - Black Lace Coat

Black Lace Coat

$20 $80  
Beautiful lace coat from pipeline. It's goes below the knee ( I am 5'2) pretty thick and warm!
Poshmark  Other - My closet follows all Poshmark rules.

My closet follows all Poshmark rules.

$3 $0  
My closet follows all Poshmark rules.
Poshmark Other - 💖 30% Off Pink/Red In Memory of Lora 9.30.16 😰

💖 30% Off Pink/Red In Memory of Lora 9.30.16 😰

$22 $4000000  
💖 30% off ALL Pink & Red Items in Memory of my friend Lora who died 9.30.16 & in Honor of Olga @partymk999 🙏🏻 As always I will still donate 20% to the American Cancer Society even during sale! Donations will be made in Honor of our PFF Olga & Memory of Lora! Happy Poshing! Thanks for sharing! 💖
POSHMARK Other - ⭐️Suggested User⭐️

⭐️Suggested User⭐️

$500 $999999  
I'm a Poshmark Suggested User, Top 10% Seller, Fast Shipper, Top-Rated Seller, Top 10% Sharer and a Posh Mentor. Have faith that all transactions will be completed quickly and honestly. All merchandise is in amazing condition and I take pride in these statistics!
Poshmark Accessories - 🌹 POSHFEST 2016 🌹Had a blast!!! More pics🤗🤗

🌹 POSHFEST 2016 🌹Had a blast!!! More pics🤗🤗

$4400 $0  
🌹YAY...Poshfest was awesome🤗 Had an amazing roommate! So exciting meeting everyone🙀🙀
poshmark Other - Prices negotiable!

Prices negotiable!

$999 $0  
If you see something you like don't hesitate to make a reasonable offer :) I also have bundling available so take advantage and save!
poshmark Accessories - selfie stick

selfie stick

$5 $8  
very cute pink color
Poshmark Dresses & Skirts - Dress


$9 $15  
LA super cute skater skirt dress


$1000 $500  
They sent this today!
Poshmark Other - THANK YOU! Party is over

THANK YOU! Party is over

$3000 $70216  
Thank you for a FABULOUS party! I hope you check out all my host picks from some great closets and share their items. If I didn't get to you this time I hope to share your items at a party in the future and I really appreciate you supporting me and my cohosts today. Happy selling!
Poshmark Other - :D Hello ladies?

:D Hello ladies?

$1233 $12  
My name is Heather and I am 20 years old & I am a single mom going to be of 2 boys. I have a 4 year old son and soon be newborn any day now♡ I am trying to sell everything in my closet before I go in to labor my due date is in 1 day(: & After I deliever I will be posting new items. Please use Offer button & I will accept all offers.
Poshmark Accessories - A Thank You Note from Poshmark❤️

A Thank You Note from Poshmark❤️

$888 $777  
❤️I L❤️VE POSH💋💋👭
Poshmark Other - Buy today have it ship tomorrow.♡

Buy today have it ship tomorrow.♡

$3 $8888  
Fast shipper! Use offer button accepting all.
Poshmark Other - 20% Off When Purchasing 2 Or More Items

20% Off When Purchasing 2 Or More Items

$3 $3  
My bundle discount is now 20% when you purchase two or more items!
Poshmark Shoes - ❌Share!♠️PART I FOLLOWING GAME!♠️


$999 $0  
Let's help each other get more FOLLOWERS! 💠LIKE this post 💠TAG 3 POSHERS! 💠FOLLOW ME + ALL who also liked 💠COME BACK to check for new followers And most of all: 💕SHARE SHARE SHARE!💕 The more you share, the more followers you get!! Now.....Watch your followers MULTIPLY!!!💨😃👏 ✨🌟Happy Poshing!🌟✨
Poshmark Tops - BOGO On Items Marked With A Heart!

BOGO On Items Marked With A Heart!

$3 $999  
♡ I'm having a buy one get one free sale on a few items. ♡ Everything with a heart in the main title qualifies! The free item(s) will be the one(s) of equal or lesser value. ♡ You can either: a) purchase one regular priced item and then choose a free item from the marked listings or b) choose two items marked with hearts and get the one of lesser value for free. Just leave a comment letting me know what you want to do! ♡ Feel free to ask questions!
poshmark Handbags - Meet your seller! Posher

Meet your seller! Posher

$999 $990  
Hi! My name is Beth and I am your seller :) I have four teen children, one husband of 21 years, 2 dogs (Olly and Ava), a cat (miss kitty), and a turtle (franklin). We live in deep east texas and my husband and I are both nurses! Things I love: jewelry, michael kors, pandora, kate spade! Nice to meet yall!
Poshmark Other - 🎀SUGGESTED USER🎀


$1000 $1000  
I am so excited to share the news! I have finally received that coveted email confirming I am in good standing and abide by Posh rules. Thanks to all my buyers, mentors and PFFs for the coaching and support. I could not have done it without you! 💐💐💐😘
poshmark Other - Rules


$100 $10000  
PoshMark have rules for a reason
Poshmark Dresses & Skirts - Poshmark Party! EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS


$5000 $10000  
11/2/15 Theme: everyday essentials! Tag me in posh compliant closets!---------💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋I'm only about half way through, tag me in listings that are YOUR every day essentials! Thanks for partying with me!
Poshmark Accessories - 🎉🎉THANK YOU!!!🎉🎉

🎉🎉THANK YOU!!!🎉🎉

$6000 $0  
Thank you girls for joining us tonight and supported all the way! Hope you enjoy all HPs, If only I could choose all of your fab listings, I would. 100 HPs are really not enough. LOL!
Poshmark Accessories - Fedoras


$10 $15  
Don't wear them
Poshmark Other - AN INVITATION FOR JULY 15


$6666 $77777  
Please join me on July 15 for a party you wont want to miss ( ; XOXO ❤️🐝
Poshmark Accessories - 🎉FREE SHIPPING🎉


$50 $5000  
Poshmark Other - 🎉Poshmark Updates As of 8.26.14🎉

🎉Poshmark Updates As of 8.26.14🎉

$20 $20  
🎉As a member of the User_Forum I'm proud to present the latest Poshmark Updates As of 8.26.14 🎉
Poshmark Tops - YOUTH LARGE Cool Story Bro Crewneck

YOUTH LARGE Cool Story Bro Crewneck

$20 $25  
YOUTH LARGE. (Which is a children's large but it does run big so fits like an x-small) Gray cool story bro Crewneck. Actually bought this from another posher from a girl, the girl sold it to me saying it was a medium and it came as a youth large which just doesn't work for me. Perfect condition, nothing wrong with it at all. **Always willing to negotiate prices and model, don't be afraid to ask**
Poshmark Other - 🔷SHIMMER & SHINE🔷1/19/15 Thank you Ladies!!😍😍

🔷SHIMMER & SHINE🔷1/19/15 Thank you Ladies!!😍😍

$7 $100000000  
😄😄 I just want to say THANK YOU LADIES😄😄So very much for all of your support, kindness, tips, Posh love, I am truly overwhelmed by what a wonderful Posh community I am blessed to be a part of!!!!!!! I hope everyone had fun, once I got a hang of it, WOW😍What a blast!!!! Thank you Posh for this honor of Co-hosting my first Posh Party!!!!! What a wonderful thing, where a bunch of gals can get together, and have such a great time, buying, selling, and chatting 😄 A great big THANK YOU to all ☺️
Poshmark Other - Make an offer

Make an offer

$100 $0  
All of the prices are negotiable, so make an offer.❤️
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