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Poshmark Jewelry - Exclusive Poshlove Necklace

Exclusive Poshlove Necklace

$30 $0  
Are you a Poshmark lover but where unable to attend Poshfest Vegas or San Fran? Well no worries. I have this for you! Only Poshers from Vegas received this lovely Poshlove necklace thus making this a limited piece. It's silver tone. Never worn. Poshaholic shirt is NOT included. 8 1/2" chain.
Poshmark  Clutches & Wallets - Samsung Galaxy s5 phone case/wallet

Samsung Galaxy s5 phone case/wallet

$10 $15  
NWOT I just bought this off Posh, it came brand new, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, I just did not like using my phone in it. Completely a personally preference thing. There are two slots for cc, and an area for some cash. The print is a prettier inky indigo than in my pic. I have a naked phone and I like it naked Lol.
Poshmark Accessories - A Thank You Note from Poshmark❤️

A Thank You Note from Poshmark❤️

$888 $777  
❤️I L❤️VE POSH💋💋👭
Poshmark  Other - Excited to Co-Hosting my 1st Virtual Posh Party

Excited to Co-Hosting my 1st Virtual Posh Party

$300 $100000000  
Finally my Posh Prayers have been answered & I'm beyond excited to Co-Host my 1st Posh Party with My Birthday Next week & my Co-Host Date close to my 2yr Posh-A-Versary I am so grateful for all my amazing Posh PFFs & to my fellow OUF aka Posh Member Sponsored "official user forum or @The_official since I'm so excited I have to pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming id like to pay it forward if you would like to Co-Host go to the PM blog & see how to become one also for Party line ups & more see OUF
Poshmark Other - 🎉Poshmark Updates As of 8.26.14🎉

🎉Poshmark Updates As of 8.26.14🎉

$20 $20  
🎉As a member of the User_Forum I'm proud to present the latest Poshmark Updates As of 8.26.14 🎉
poshmark Dresses & Skirts - 💥Summer Flash Sale 💥Pink vintage style dress

💥Summer Flash Sale 💥Pink vintage style dress

$13 $0  
Ties to back . Excellent condition purchase on posh 15$ after sale
Poshmark Other - Posh Party in LA!

Posh Party in LA!

$142 $0  
Making connections with women and men who love Poshmark and definitely love to posh!
Poshmark Shoes - ♠️FOLLOWING GAME!♠️


$999 $0  
Let's help each other get more FOLLOWERS! 💠LIKE this post 💠TAG 3 POSHERS! 💠FOLLOW ME + ALL who also liked 💠COME BACK to check for new followers And most of all: 💕SHARE SHARE SHARE!💕 The more you share, the more followers you get!! Now.....Watch your followers MULTIPLY!!!💨😃👏 ✨🌟Happy Poshing!🌟✨
Poshmark Other - 🔷SHIMMER & SHINE🔷1/19/15 Thank you Ladies!!😍😍

🔷SHIMMER & SHINE🔷1/19/15 Thank you Ladies!!😍😍

$7 $100000000  
😄😄 I just want to say THANK YOU LADIES😄😄So very much for all of your support, kindness, tips, Posh love, I am truly overwhelmed by what a wonderful Posh community I am blessed to be a part of!!!!!!! I hope everyone had fun, once I got a hang of it, WOW😍What a blast!!!! Thank you Posh for this honor of Co-hosting my first Posh Party!!!!! What a wonderful thing, where a bunch of gals can get together, and have such a great time, buying, selling, and chatting 😄 A great big THANK YOU to all ☺️
Poshmark Other - Don't ask me to break the rules!!!

Don't ask me to break the rules!!!

$99 $100000000000  
Experience is a good teacher, it takes someone like me to know. I don't take sales outside of Poshmark and I only offer bundle discounts. Please use offer button for negotiations.
Poshmark Accessories - ✨ $3.99 Shipping on $30+ ENDS TODAY!✨

✨ $3.99 Shipping on $30+ ENDS TODAY!✨

$3990 $499000  
✨🎄 Posh is giving $3.99 Shipping on $30 or more through my party on 12/21 🎄✨
Poshmark Other - This is so true!! Had to post it. Thanks Poshmark!

This is so true!! Had to post it. Thanks Poshmark!

$900 $1000  
If I feel 💦💧 What do I do when in the dumps & feeling blue, just go buy me something, It's so true! Then I don't feel so 💙💙 Theres nothing better than that feeling of getting a package & opening it up & putting something different on. It just cheers anyone up! I Love You Poshmark & all of my Girls that I've met on here! ❤️
Poshmark Other - 🍂🍁SALE UP to 75% OFF!🍁🍂

🍂🍁SALE UP to 75% OFF!🍁🍂

$750 $12012014  
🍃🍂🍁HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY SALE... giving you UP TO 75% OFF my entire closet thru 12/1/14 in ADDITION to BUNDLE discounts too! To show my gratitude to all of you I'm giving you these great deals through Cyber Monday! I have new items to list, and need to make room in my closet! As always I will still donate 20% to the American Cancer Society even on sale items! Thank you in advance and Happy Thanksgiving Day! 🍁🍂🍃
poshmark Other - Rules


$100 $10000  
PoshMark have rules for a reason
Poshmark Other - Make an offer

Make an offer

$100 $0  
All of the prices are negotiable, so make an offer.❤️
Poshmark Handbags - Pink satchel

Pink satchel

$25 $35  
Pink pleather satchel with a cute little black pocket.
poshmark Other - This is great so no 1 can try to break posh rules

This is great so no 1 can try to break posh rules

$99 $99  
I actually came across this by accident as one of my best posh friends nick name is MY PPP!! We are posh pen pals! As I was trying to leave her a comment calling her my PPP this message popped up! At first I couldn't figure out why this message would come up and block me from talking as I follow all posh rules but soon realized the computer thought I was saying the forbidden word! Anyways I think this is great for those who are trying to abuse what we all work so hard to not do!! 😉
POSHMARK Other - 🌀🌈💖🎆BOLD & BEAUTIFUL PARTY!! 04/09/14🎆💖🌈🌀

🌀🌈💖🎆BOLD & BEAUTIFUL PARTY!! 04/09/14🎆💖🌈🌀

$143 $143  
I have prowled the Posh universe for HPs and will continue with my quest to find treasures. I hope to remain true to what I believe Posh is: a community of ladies whose intentions are for the common good and goes beyond buying and selling! I am so glad to hear the same thoughts directly from the man who invented the app himself! I will try my very best to feature newbies & veterans who have made genuine efforts not only in following Posh guidelines but also in spreading good energy all around!


$143 $143  
Come celebrate with us as Poshmark turns 2 at Arcodoro right by the Galleria in Houston, TX on Friday, December 6, 2013 from 7-10 pm to be hosted by these amazing Posh ladies! @sheelagoh @cindytn @phinayi @playcat3
Poshmark Other - PoshFest 2013

PoshFest 2013

$1000 $0  
Just wanted to tell you all how honored I am to have been able to join you all in Vegas this weekend to kickstart PoshFest 2013 with the entire Poshmark team and community who attended. I hope my inspirational talk and style panel help you to pursue your dreams and do your own fashion thing! If we haven't met, please come say hi and introduce yourself at tonight's Posh Party. Also, make sure to checkout my fashion brand on instagram @shopstylemafia Xx, Simonett
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