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sylsjewels@_m0__ thanks for the love, interested? All my prices are negotiable ‼️
larochelleshared! :) ty for following :) pls feel free to visit my closet:) we are moving and got new listings daily :)xoxo
sylsjewels@amoll0816 thanks for the love my prices are negotiable let me know if I can help.
sylsjewels@lafiluv @bswirl81612 thanks for the love! If interested let me know my prices are negotiable ❗️
sprgdgrlOk I'll take em!! Thanks so much!! 😍😉
jamiec33@sprgdgrl Thank you for the purchase!!!
angelicarg@pcastillo7 Thanks for the like! LMK if I can be of assistance; )
angelicarg@veterinarian Thanks for the like! LMK uf I can be of assistance
chica_232@kswolfe22 yes it is! Thank you! I hope it can make someone happy
chica_232@snowgirlusa I don't know if you are interested but If you are let me know! I'm negotiable an soon will be taking to sells locally
chica_232@marcialafferty this fits true to size. I didn't see anything i needed but I'm negotiable. All the other maxi dresses fit the same. I can give you a great deal bundled
marcialaffertyLove the dress but just looking for trades right now bc I close up my closet..thank you thkugh
trendyhil@shortybaby sure can but will be this evening pst about 6pmish
trendyhil@shortybaby here ya go! FYI it's 95% cotton and 5% spandex. I have ginormous arms so it's kinda tight fitting
prettynpink87Thanks for sharing the link! Hat was only worn once or twice.
skiesareblueWhat material is this?
mia81@shaerokos Hello! This ring hasn't been worn just because me fingers won't allow it, too big. I has been lying around and may have a few small scratches but nothing big. I'm willing to bundle and and am willing to go for $2 less for all three items. Sorry if it doesn't seem like such a big discount but I'm already losing money selling them at this price. Hope this works for you!! Thanks!
mia81@mskalski930 Hi! Sorry I would like to sell the items, thanks for asking though. Have a good one!
trendyhil@ajarome sure idc! It's all yours now. Sorry she didn't like it. It's cute! Only problem I had was it didn't have a larger arm strap. I need the strap ones.
ajarome@trendyhill thanks I would keep it for myself but I am the same way and I like the larger arm straps.
lee2theset@mskalski930 yes 15 pieces in total for $50.00? Does that sound okay?
lee2theset@keritan yes I can bundle...let me know?!
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