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toyoufromme@lolllllllllll no, just this tank, the crop top, carmar jeans, & cut off jean jacket.
toyoufromme@desireyy it's a L, but honestly, I'm a small person & the large fits me perfect
hopemiranjDo you trade
emortalfashion@hopemiranj I don't trade but I can give you a discount for this item 😊👍
emilyslifeTrade? :)
geli_belli@emilyslife Hey! No trades I'm sorry :[ but it's cool to see someone that shops at LF too! Their sales are amazing!
swissmistressCongratulations on your 🌼Spring Style🌼 Host Pick!! 🎉☀️🎈🎉☀️🎈🎉☀️🎈
anangelahis it still available?
chezshayHi Angela! It is still available.
inandoubtalright thanks anyways, would you go any lower thru posh?
deja_vu@inandoubt it was $89 I already reduced everything in my closet to the lowest price I don't offer any extra discount unless someone wants to buy 2+ items.
chetttrysten90@queenjosephinee poshmark took down my listing of the prada bag. U should still get it by Wednesday if not let me know ok?
queenjosephinee@chetttrysten90 I will let you know:) it seems to be on track for Wednesday!
court14c@queenjosephinee hii do you know what brand this is? thanks!
queenjosephinee@court14c I don't know and I'm out to dinner right now, it's from LF from a few seasons ago. Barely used.
agirlyouknow@epark1123 I'm still open! I'm just in New York for the summer so I won't be back home (where the shirt is) until August 15th. If you're still interested then you can purchase it then :)
court14c@geli_belli could you post a pic of the back? is this still available? Thanks!
nicole0614Trade my likes?
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