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kimberfox@alonka ok thanks! LMK if you do decide to purchase and I can offer a discount for you🎀
kimberfox@missmallymac thanks for the like💓. Are you interested?
kalina650Would $15 include shipping? If so, I will take it.
jjotchamno maam it doesn't include shipping @kalina650
dee13Hi sweetie, I just wanted to say thanks for the follow. When I get some free time I'll take a closer look at ur closet to see if anything catches my eye that'll fit me ok. : ) I do like this bracelet tho, do you have another one like it ?
elstearns@dee13 hi thank you! Unfortunately this is the only bracelet I had left in this style :( hopefully you will look around and find something else that catches your eye:)
pritchie67Hi Samantha! Sorry didn't get to update you yesterday. My husband was late to get to the PO, it closed @ 5pm and he got there @ 5:05pm. He stopped by there again today and was told the package was "held" @ the PO for some "unknown" reason since Monday. He was told that it'll be delivered today and it was. I received the bracelet. I'm waiting for Poshmark Support to email me back because the order status still says "In Process". I'm not sure why it didn't change to "Shipped" once you shipped it. So now I can't "Accept" until the order status changes. As soon as I hear back from PO, I'll accept. Thank you for the bracelet. I like it a lot.
pritchie67Apparently, you didn't use the PO label when you shipped the package hence the reason why the status didn't change at all. Anyway, thank you again!!! <3 it!!!
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