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Ankle Strap Heels, Sandals & Wedges

pebbles1008@clarkisses Hi 🙋 thanks for browsing my closet 😉💕
pebbles1008@sab6174 Hi 🙋 thanks for browsing my closet 😉💕
nikki_almnza@camelliaj not sure i got them from a boutique in LA year ago .. Sorry.
camelliajAww thank you :)
carolbow827@renina - thanks for the "like"...let me know if you have any questions about the shoes. Have a great day!
loubsaremyluv91@lei1625 a little less then 3"
lei1625Oh I didn't realize the size right away. I wear 6.. Thank you though :)
shoelover1@drewslady10 thanks for liking. Are you interested? 😃
shoelover1@lindsayrose thanks for your like. Are you interested? 😃
missvizWilling to trade? :)
shanaefitz@missviz hi I didn't see anything I needed at the moment but I'm negotiable.
betchieTrade Hun?
ocie_kara@betchie not interested in trades luv sorry. Make me an offer
blushnashville@queen27 actually let me just double check and I'll confirm in the morning!
queen27@blushnashville how many for my 2 likes?
tdixon39Do these run small
sukizh@tdixon39 yes I'm a 9.5 and these fit me perfectly so I must say its small for a size 10.
normarayWhat's a bundle price
shynderLet me know what you'd like to bundle and I'll make a great price for you @normaray
nani17@plupe1991 okay hun :) they'll be here !
xshortshietxwhat's your lowest on this?
paprika17What's the lowest you would accept?
reject_mermaid@paprika17 the price is firm, they were only used once by the posher I got them from and I nvr wore them.
slim1971Interested in shoe if you know where I can purchase the dress in the pic.
rjoneal@slim1971 Sorry, I don't know where you can purchase the dress.
boris16@jeanie52 are u still interested ? ??
jeanie52@boris16 , I'm very sorry, I wanted to buy these for my daughter who just moved backed in 2 weeks ago. And she told me she does not them. Good luck sweetie,,
evelynvwoodsen@candicane26 yes it's true to size and no I don't trade
sexysarcastic87Hello, i purchased the naked 3 from you, i asked a question on your other post but you don't seem to be responding to anyone. I want to know when the item would be shipped? If its no longer available please let me know. @evelynvwoodsen
arielle2010Mira y hablando de Jose tu cres q seria molestar mucho a doña IDE con Los tamales ??
arielle2010Sorry wrong person
rukidding@ecs are these true to size?
ecs@rukidding a bit small because of the narrow front
allyb16Do you have a side view pic that shows the heel? Thanks! :)
zulymavrenteria@charsxcloset Hun Since Xmas Is Coming Soon Can You Ship Sometime B4 Or After Im Still Interested In Them . Lmk
zulymavrenteria@charsxcloset will u be purchasing anytime soon ?
jelandis@heatherblaw 💚❤️💋is your closet still open for business ??💖🎀💚❤️👍👍
qkbstns@heatherblaw can you post a pic wearing those wedges? And what color are?
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