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Jeffrey Campbell under $100

giuliadistefanoI wear 8, 8.5 and sometimes 9 because my feet are so wide and inflamed from wearing heels too much :/
eternityrasi read in your comments you are selling your pigalles? can you tell me what size and how much? thanks
shikeyastarrx3I sold them already. Sorry @eternityras
megdone@girlbryce sorry I don't trade! But the price is negotiable
girlbryce@megdone all right i will keep them in my likes. Trying to not to shop right now but I do LOVE these!
missrochellesCongrats on your HP🎉🎉🎉😘😘😘
bekah11So pretty, flirty, and girly! Congrats!
jardijess@celiaelizabeth $40 through PayPal
celiaelizabeth@jardijess sorry, that's $25 lower than the asking price and I don't do PayPal, but thank you so much for looking!
jstollakOh ok! Just asked because it said so in the description
feather_lady@jstollak No worries! It's just a new listing (about a day old), and I'd like to give it a little time 😊
classygirl25Are these up for trade?
itspinkis@classygirl25 yes for the right stuff. But i didnt see anything in your closet i wanted :(
myrucca876✨✨Congrats on your HP✨✨
pehangThe perfect "Off Duty" item😊Perfect host pick! Congratulations👏👏👏Hope your item sells soon & many visit your closet❤️Have a terrific evening & YAY👍
jasminehopkinsDo you trade?
vrpena@jasminehopkins I do but I'd like to sell these cause they're new in the box👠 we can work a better deal on paypal if you'de like
misstaylorperryWhat're you looking for?
kenzfelbab@misstaylorperry Mainly anything free people or hippie style is right up my alley! I'm also looking for size 7 short brown boots
mina1480More picture please
clothzminded@mina1480 Hi let me know if I can answer anymore questions...these are NWOB the wear on the leather is the look.
grandmasweater@siennethreads faux suede :) I guess I got lazy specifying, my bad.
siennethreadsNo worries! Ugh they're soo good. Wish it were real tho. I'm also eyeing the canvas ones so hopefully I'll be back. Love the style of these! Thx for responding! 😊
vanessa_03@annicque these can fit someone that is a 7.5 to an 8. Since it is open back.
kiyah7What is the lpwest price yu will tke
elenaernst@ashleyvance I'm sorry the lowest I'll go on these is $100. Do you still want them?
ashleyvanceYeah ill think about it
marisalauren@marlibearr Thx for the Like! Lmk if u have any questions 😊 I give discounts on All bundles!
marisalauren@wlsq44 Thx for the Like! Lmk if u have any questions 😊
brook2look@shopaholimk love these and jcs
brook2look@jameginn they are identical to these had to get right size again but only these and the black heels thank god lol but that dress is it more towards browns or black lovely
pixiesstitch@cheyzah I lowered the price! realized I need to clear my whole closet ASAP so if you're interested...😊
madison179Really like these..wish I saw them a few days ago before I bought the ones I bought! Would you be open to lowering? If so I'll take them. Need to be around 45?
clarwileyI put up more stuff!
brook2look@smilequeen whst price would make ya smile tonight missy???
brook2look@bamamac did you see these jeffrey campbells missy just checking dear let me know im down for whatever makes you feel like getting good and fair trade lovely;)
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