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Saint Laurent Heels & Shoes

goforit13@wura Hi there! Wasn't really looking to trade because these have been worn once and are 900 shoes. I will think about your Phillip Lim bag or maybe the boots but I have too many ready lol. Either would be a partial trade. These heels are gorgeous!!
goforit13@shimmerstudded Thanks!! These are awesome! Interested? 😄
airamferraristill available? whats your lowest?
blessful@airamferrari they're available.. It's the lowest! Thx!
alvictoria@mcnubbin insane deal!
sigfinds@alvictoria @mcnubbin insane deal indeed‼️ Interested, ladies? Thanks for stopping by! 😀😀😀
kyliebriennCongratulations on your beautiful Host Pick from last night’s Total Trendsetter Posh Party! I hope you gained a lot of new followers and sales from this! Cheers to a successful Posh Future! XO
ellebee206@kleinlori what a stunning color!!!
wenmimsDo these run true to size or you think as a size 9 I could pull them off?
mrjb@wenmims hello and thanks for checking out my closet no I don't think they would fit a 9 they run pretty true to size. Everything is negotiable and I will bundle
gizzmoab:( I Desperately NEED one of these gorgeous!!! PAIR OF SHOES to be in a 6.5!!!!! UGH!!!!! :(
arosegerami😍😍😍😭😭😭 wish I could afford these babies!!
melisa1981Hi do you have the original box ?
blessful@melisa1981 oh never saw your msg.. No, I don't keep boxes for the most part. However you wear heels not boxes ☺️ thx!
blessful@palau_de_nina thanks so much!! I shared the love as well. Great closet! God bless & have a great evening 😘
palau_de_ninaYou are most welcome, hopefully some will buy some of these beauties but not the items I like!!! =0)
maudpashi! how tall is the heel, and do you have the original price and box? Thanks!
blessful@maudpas 4" heel, a box would be in the picture if included, thx!
meg23Sooo pretty! Congrats on your bold and beautiful host pick! 🎉🎉🎉
linsleppo👯👯👯👯👯This is BOLD and BEAUTIFUL!!! Like Lindsay Lohan! 😳 Congrats on your HP! 😜😘😘😘
angluvu969@grisartz I'm an 8.5-9.... Do u think they'll fit comfortably? If so, are you willing to negotiate?
storyofmydress@gbeauxgirl - these gorgeous ysl heels are available again! 😘
gbeauxgirl@storyofmydress awesome, thanks for letting me know😊If they are still here by the weekend, they will be mine😊
bilson@mariadel .. Thank you ! Please let me know if your interested
bilson@anafit81 .. Thanks for both the likes ! Please let me know if your interested in either item.
ellebee206Hi @rissashanise yes, I'm a 7.5-8 & these would be perfect for 6.5-7.
rissashaniselol omg i was hoping u said opposite. i Love these. I've been shopping like crazy recently omg
eclecticmode@blackandwhite has anything on the bottom been replaced or is that all original? Plus does it come with the box?
blackandwhite@eclecticmode Hi, thanks for your interest. The bottom tips of heels have been replaced. I'm sorry, I do not have the box they came in.
rahnayThanks for liking @perresion these have got to go asap. And im willing to give discounts. . If you are or know anyone interested
misslaurenj@clasixboutique sorry I'm so late but yes they are authentic and I will post the soles now
misslaurenj@clasixboutique I added the soles for you
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