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Zara under $50

edomnenkoI like it. But I can't pay what your asking for at this time. I'll keep it in my likes for now.
eveydash@edomnenko ok let me know :)
lizzylou82@hkfeiler no prob lady!!! Just wanted to check!! :) ps why are we awake???? Lol
hkfeiler@lizzylou82 ugh kids 😳.. Lol
jamiewinnnnnInterested @pixiej ? Thanks for the like. 😊
jamiewinnnnnHi @tabatha1267 ! Are you interested? Thanks for the like. ☺️
jaaayneey@les514 okay, let me know when you're ready to pay so I can change the price. Thanks!
tnektalovcan u do this for $20 i ll bye it
jayne@breannmichele price is already changed. You can purchase whenever youre ready
chelle1205Can u model these to see how they fit please
jayne@chelle1205 i dont fit this anymore, sorry i cant try it on
mnsiobal@jessy717 I am sorry Hun but 10 is wayyy too low. I can go down to 17. This dress has already been reduced
jessy717Let me thinks about it live ok thanks
mnsiobal@noeliaorihuela thx for the like. This dress is super adorable on. Let me know if you have any questions. ;)
mnsiobal@miamiparis505 hi thanks 4 the like. Let me know if u have any questions. Ps I discount w bundles :)
amyshopSorry- it's been a busy few days! Thanks for getting back to me. Going to hold off for now- sorry for the inconvenience.
mnsiobal@amyshop no worries. If you are still interested. I can give it to you for 20. Let me know
mnsiobal@daradaya thx for the like. Let me know if you have any questions
mnsiobal@anegativecreep hi thanks 4 the like. Let me know if u have by questions. Ps I discount w bundles :)
mnsiobal@allidwy thanks for the like ! This is adorable on. Let me know if you are interested;)
rosejosephI want this lol
mnsiobal@rosejoseph is actually really cute! ;)... Let me know if you have any questions
deybraportilloHi.. I really love this dress! Can u please reduce the price to 40! If u do let me know so I can buy right away.. Thanks
mnsiobal@queen27 hi. Thx for the like. This dress is super cute. Let me know if u have any questions. Thanks ;)
mnsiobal@gwenmamie hi. This for the like. This is so cute on. Let me know if u have any questions. Thanks
lemontree347I'm a size 2 and it fits like a 6 cause its really over sized @kookla but if you don't think it'll fit its okay :)
kmcowan@liriashop Thanks for all the love! Hope you're having a great Easter. 😊😊 if you have any questions, I'm happy to help. Be sure to check out my celebration sale (first listing in my closet) if you're interested in bundling your likes!
jayne@elliemag im at work but i found the zara model picture. My lighting is off when i took my pictures so the color is more like the zara picture.
maryontel@jayne do you trade?
susan168@janedough21 sorry no trade
tmhickman@susan168 is there any way you could post a pick of the actual blouse? Are there any snags or blemishes on this shirt?
jlebouitz@kelleysthreads You're sweet; thanks for thinking of me.- Julie
mcags78Is this $10 or $20?
shopfun4me@nicolec0625 love it!! Just spent a bunch of money on here. 😞 but still might have to get this. Thanks for tagging me
wowenypon@ceebees_closet Thank you!!! 😗❤️❤️❤️
kyliebriennCongratulations on your Host Pick at last night’s Fresh Fashion Posh Party! The co-hosts did such a wonderful job selecting beautiful items to share with all of us! Cheers to many more sales!! Xo
bbyxlucyGreat! I'll pay in Monday :)
jayne@bbyxlucy ok just comment to let me know and i will change the price
kmcowanThanks for the like @chenlalaland ! I'm here if you have any questions. Hope you're having a great week! 😊
kmcowanThank you so much for the likes @tanyalala1126 ! I'm here if you have any questions. 😊 make sure you check out my weekend sale (first listing) if you're curious about bundling! ❤️
tricia01Alright let me think on the pants and I will et back with you tomorrow....I do love them😀
wowenypon@tricia01 Ok 😊 Thank you!!! Enjoy the rest of the evening!!! 😘
zhaba@wowenypon what is the material composition? Will you go down in price?
wowenypon@zhaba Main fabric is 100% Polyester and secondary fabric is 58% cotton, 40% acrylic and 2% other fabric. I'm sorry I was not able to respond right away. My lowest is $39. Thanks
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