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Zara under $50

alejandrafvWhat is your lowest?
deexdt@alejandrafv there's def some wiggle room, pls make an offer if you're serious about buying :)
specialsmileaznHi Hun - I responded to u on the posting u commented on :)
mrssword@marfloress Price adjusted for you. 😊
mrssword@marfloress You haven't purchased so I am adjusting price back.
amandamarie711What size do you think? I know Zara sometimes runs small
meltullThanks for the shares @sunkistchild 💙💥Kansas gals stick together, I'm from KC too!!
sunkistchild@meltull Small world 😊 Originally from DC but I've lived in KC for about 10 years. I will always share from any closet that shares mine!
daliaa0724@birdie2322 thanks for liking! Lmk if you have any questions :)
betty0827@daliaa0724 thanks so much for sharing 😀👍
breezyefffff@tina_toms hey Hun. Just wondering if you trade? Check out my feedback. I'm an honest trader ☺️
lotus1234❤️👍😍I love the items in your closet!!!
jlmandapatThanks @lotus1234 😄 It is a work in progress. I appreciate it!
linka31@idekhanna hello. I will post pic first thing in the morning:)
linka31@idekhanna here you go. I hope this helps:)
alescalonaI am very keen on your closet I'm definitely going to take a closer look! :) I would like to possibly purchase some stuff before you close it!
galnexdorThanks, @alescalona for letting me know! :) keep me posted on which items you're interested in. Happy browsing!
kmwhiten@emilygreen007 here's the listing for just the dress 😊
emilygreen007Hi. Thank u. I'm an xs. :(
uniqu29Would these fit a size 7?
poshion@uniqu29 they would def fit but u might need an insole... im a 7.5
hannahlmorse@kmwhiten ok let me think about it :)
kmwhitenHi @kyrahv10 ! I can bundle this with the LUSH maxi skirt for 37$ if your interested :)
briley2009@mari1003 thanks for liking. Interested hun?
briley2009@ejr068 interested hun? Let me know if u have questions. 😄👍
krysiahSure! I'm a newbie and was just window shopping :)
shellhead@krysiah no problem 😊 Posh is awesome, you'll love it! If you ever have any questions about it, feel free to ask me! Happy Poshing 🎀
unique24@melaniemariee, thank you for the like. Let me know if you are interested.
jocelynsayshiido you have any more clutches from zara?
unique24@jocelynsayshii, this is the only clutch I have left. Let me know if you are interested.
tokyoatl@loveit_ : Sorry $29 is my lowest for this alone. I can lower more if you bundle though. 😊
loveit_Thank 😊👗👗
tatyana123Thanks for shares, body:) Is it slow or is it me??!! I lowered prices - still silence :(( I took yesterday 25 items to consignment boutique:(, No time to post and I was done in 30 minutes... They took everything & were happy. At times it feels like an expensive hobby to post here lol.
nvmenorma@tatyana123 yes I hear crickets ,lol it's very slow on PM ,but my spending isn't 😁. I totally agree it's probably easier to do at a cons.boutique then post on here . So no more snow Chicago, going to your old city NY gonna see the Yankees play and maybe shop some more in time square . And I will be taking your black banana republic jacket with 😊💕💕 goes great with my Yankees hat 😜...
corinafroeseOoh lovely... Model em?
wicksandbubbles@corinafroese i cant they are too small for me, i bought them thinking they were an 8 , but they are a 7 in Zara, do you want different pictures maybe outside in the light, I can add them in a few
prodjunkiegeenaTrade? Super cute!
dearandi@prodjunkiegeena sorry no trades on here. Only doing trades on SnobSwap.com and Bibandtuck.com.
ccargo@kanyejoyner Thanks, Andrea! And thanks for all the shares! 😘
kanyejoyner@ccargo thanks for the shares as well.
julsyTrade?! Sooo adorbs!
mrsswans@julsy just looking to sell! Thanks!
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