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Printed Pants

ch1kaWhat is the composition on these? Do they stretch?
cindayz@hasmeen17 Thankyou for the like 😄 LMK if your jnterested!😉
cindayz@achimezi Hey, thankyou for the like! Please LMK if your interested or have any questions! 😄
shiranmCould you model these
xo1990xoYes i will..later or tomorrow:)..im at the hosital now..
alouisegSo cute! But too big for me :( any smaller sizes?
mzjess@alouiseg Aww! These are the only sizes I have. Maybe they'll shrink if you wash them in warm water?! Ha ☺️
montuckerDo they button and zip up?
teemami@montucker yes they zipper on the side and have a button that's on the inside
lina_jaramillo@donnid Let me know if your interested 🎀🎀 bundles get 20% off 😊
lina_jaramillo@chey1122 Let me know if your interested 🎀🎀 bundles get 20% off 😊
cbvixenThanks sis! I recently used to own a store, now just trying to free up space. Let me know if you are interested in anything.
cassiezooDo you have any more pictures?
lgorisek@cassiezoo yes, I will post some more
jade1003Want these!! ,im still looking lol
popquizcute@jade1003 cool take ur time! I can let u know with the BOGO how much it would be at the end of it. Also the pink skirt u can have it!
wegotby79Hello. Would these fit a 26/27?
ohheyitsraeee@toothxfairy same as the girl above would you say this medium fits a 26?
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