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Chunky Knit Scarves

theeyecandyshop@blckblt5mom Dear Lydia. Thanks for all the shares! My mothers name was Lydia and she spelled it the same way. She passed away in 2011 but it's nice to meet such a beautiful lady who also shares her name.🙏💐💐💐
blckblt5momAlways my pleasure 2 share pretty closets, & it my pleasure 2 meet ya @theeyecandyshop ! I have yet 2 meet another Lydia, I was named after my grandma who passed away when I was pregnant w/my 2 1/2 yr old. I'm sure ya mom was beautiful!
savannahsalasWhat color is it really ? Or does the picture show the true color ?
naaansy@savannahsalas The picture shows the true color... It's hard to describe it. Looks more like a deep berry / mauve shade, imo.
capeterson@margari_alas sorry, I'm not looking to trade right now. But I will do great bundles!
margari_alas@capeterson I completely understand, no worries, you have a cute closet. I will let you know if I decide on anything. :-) thanks for the offer doll!
alliab@lalamariee I can lower the price but I'm really trying to downsize my closet
maureen888@ladybuglemons Absolutely! My mother wants to try out her scarves on Posh, you've got a great closet and your photos are amazing! Of course, I'll probably be the one photographing and listing everything for her! Doing the same for my sister, but decided to advertise her homemade items in my closet to save the headache! You've done an outstanding job on your closet/listings! Very nice! Sorry, I'm not advertising anything or any other closet here, hope it didn't come off that way! 😘
maureen888@ladybuglemons I created the account; hence her name! Hahahahaha! 😆😆 Love her, don't get me wrong!
animalprincessI have pp! Would you except $10 plus s/h?
naaansy@animalprincess I can do $13 shipped via pp. Lmk thanks!
rubiomyra@ashleylynn17311 hi could you spread the scarf? so that way I can know if that the scarf I'm looking for
jordan_ashlie@greencookie23 Thanks so much for liking! Interested?
jordan_ashlieThank you for liking @divadeexo!! Interested?
sdhooker5256@damn_que_mala what's your price for two of these scarves? This color and the mocha brown.
cheyennelong56Could you post a pic of it on?
tarabailey_@cheyennelong56 sorry for the late reply, I just posted a photo for you though :)
naomiha@ashhoov Yes theres finger knitting... it looks complicated but i love challenges. But thank you! If you dont mind share it to your friends & families via social media. I am trying to raise some money so I can move to CA and go to grad school :) it would help me so much!
ashhoov@naomiha aww totally hun!! I will for sure!!!! :-) tagging my sister so she can see this! @sugahpie33
jaquelin4188@sasssysel i dont see any of my size on you closet but if you liked i can do 15 lmk
ldanieller@bcope717 Please let me know if you'd like me to give you a bundle deal! 😊
greyhoneybee@shop12east 💟Congratulations on Host Pick!!💟
vanadzorCongrats on your Host Pick at the ❄️❄️Winter Essentials Party!❄️❄️& Merry Christmas hun<3
shop12east@giorojas12 no paypal. Order through shop12east.com and get 20% off with code IG20. I can also do free shipping.
shop12east@leajenova no trades please. Shop12east.com
ladylexy94Can you do any discount? I wanna get 2 for my bf n me
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