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Guide to Poshmark

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How Do I Share Posh Love?

  • step item1

    Listed a new item and want to share it with your followers? Just tap on the ‘Share' button and you will be given the option to share to your followers.

  • step item2

    Your listing will now appear in your followers' feed!

  • step item3

    See listings that you think are fabulous? You can also share your favorite listings from other users to your followers. To do so, go to the listing that you wish to share and then tap on the ‘Share' button.

  • step item4

    The shared listing will now appear in the feed and can be viewed by all your followers.

  • step item5

    Trust us when we say that the shares you help spread will get returned by a well-loved community and could result in a sale!

  • How Do I Share in Bulk?

  • step item7

    Want to share multiple listings to your followers at once? From your closet, tap the tool icon in the top-right corner.

  • step item8

    When the Seller Tools menu pops up, tap Share to Followers under Bulk Listing Actions.

  • step item9

    After selecting which items you’d like to share, tap Share to Followers. This will share all of the selected listings to your followers all at once.

  • step item10

Questions? Head over to the Support Center for full details.