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Guide to Poshmark

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How Do I Share a Listing to a Party?

  • Poshmark hosts Parties in the app multiple times a day. To share to a Party you have to first wait for a Party to start.

  • step 1

    step 1

    Once a Party starts, press the ‘Share' button next to the listing you want to share.

  • step 2

    step 2

    The current Party will be listed on the next screen. Press ‘Share' next to the Party name. As long as your listing is in line with the party theme, it will be added to the party!

  • step item3

    If you are creating a new listing during a Party, you will also have the option to share to the Party at that time.

  • How Do I Bulk Share to a Party?

  • step item5

    Once a Posh Party starts, head to your closet and tap the tool icon at the top-right corner.

  • step item6

    When the Seller Tools menu pops up, tap Share to [Posh Party Name] under Bulk Listing Actions.

  • step item7

    After selecting which items you’d like to share, tap Share to Posh Party. As long as your listings meet the Party theme criteria, it will share all of the selected listings to the Posh Party all at once.

  • step item8

    Once all of your selected listings have been shared to the Posh Party, you will see a pop-up confirming the amount of listings that were shared.

Questions? Head over to the Support Center for full details.