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Live From Chicago: Summer Staples Party

yuli@loa sorry but I'm trying to clean out my closet... Not adding more stuff to it...😣 thanks for the offer though...😊
loaOk thanks
mizawe@lefleurrouge never mind ,😄 I'll wait ATM
daisycuddlingWhat is the condition of the dress? And I noted the you said it would fit a S or M; however, I am a true XS with a petite chest. Would I be swimming in the top portion?
sweetdoll22@hiiimmiik Hi! Thank you for your interest! No, it doesn't go past my knees. Just a little above, but I am only 5'3. If you are taller, (& have longer legs) I would assume it would be shorter. It does have stretch to it as well. I hope this helps you! Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you so much! Hope you are having an amazing day! 😍
shamme1963Love my top!!! Wearing it to work today with black pencil skirt and high heeled sandals got many compliments!!! Thanks!!!
roadtovegan@shamme1963 yahoo!!! Thanks for letting me know! I'm always happy to hear I helped make a happy wardrobe! :) enjoy!
cindyscottWould you consider a bundle ?
roadtovegan@cindyscott1982 thanks for the purchase! Was there something else you were also interested in? :)
kittiesforallLove the dress!!! Perfect fit!!!
roadtovegan@kittiesforall yay!! So glad to hear it found a happy new home!! It's a great dress! :)
khey@2sweet2pretty I have 6 in another color. If u want this color, it won't. E available till next shipment restock day. If u wish to reserve upon arrival, please email gift_finder07@yahoo.com
khey@hellen9909 please email us regarding this purchase simplehelp627@gmail.com thanks
hellen9909I also want it, but why take so long time ? And also can you do lower price ?
emmequinnSo sad I missed all this cure stuff!!
roadtovegan@emmequinn aw...not to worry! I post things all the time! But for sure snag what you can when you can because some of the items go quick! :) I do bundle and usually can give deals on that too.:)
sarahmichelle@thesexyknitter ok, didn't think it would be an issue. I will take some this weekend and replace.
sarahmichelle@thesexyknitter Replaced. Sorry about that, your photos were great!
jennfo@jasmine01231 - totally the strap is long. I've been tagging u to death but u can just check out all my listings. I also have a 34A bathing suit top (pinkish red floral) listed - it's not underwire but it is slightly padded.
jasmine01231Can you tag me in it please
mrsacard@teachinginheels ugg bummer just saw that it is a small :( I almost always wear xs. How is the fit?
teachinginheels@mrsacard It will only be a little loose. It's close to XS.
sweetdoll22@kellyd5 Yes- the Holiday Special! Thank you & All the Best to you & Yours! 😘😘😘
kellyd5@sweetdoll22 that is when I saw it! Now it makes sense! I love this top so much but now that I am 43, soon to be 44 with 3 boys, 1 of which is in college, 2 dogs and 1 cat. I can't afford or justify these purchases, but it doesn't mean that I don't want to!!!
tayswiftfan23Is it fully lined? Or see-through? I don't know my size in Zara clothing tho cuz I only shop in junior sections
cathlyn@tayswiftfan23 : its line to around knee area so you don't have to wear anything under. Zara is pretty similar to jr sizing
cathlyn@shua2983 : you got it! Tag you when ready!
shua2983Great, thanks! I think the total will be over $75 so will shipping be covered?
schaferHow low would you go? :)
tingtingwashere@schafer this is free if u purchase a piece of clothing from me :) but what would u offer?
chasemeridian@justprincessj I just saw my tops! You and your friend are so generous! :) Thanks for the free top; I love all of them! ✌
justprincessj@chanellerf you're welcome. She felt bad since she wore the tops and the pants she was getting were brand new. She said they are a little big for her so I might score some new jeans lol. Maybe. We'll see. She loved the bracelets and said the box was cute.
teachinginheels@loveyou_ No...they've sold. All listed at $0 have sold.
kayeleeThese were cute. Congrats to new owner :)
sweetdoll22@pinkblonde7777 : Hi 🍬Sweetheart 🍬 I hope you had the Fabulous Day You deserve! 😍 I love 💓 so many of your things as well! If you are open to trading, please let me know & I would be MORE than happy to exchange some things with you! 😊You have a beautiful closet as well, & are ALWAYS so thoughtful, kind & sweet! Thank you so much! It is greatly appreciated! Take care and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving with all of your 💖 Loved ones! 😍 Keep Shining & being you! All The Best To You- Stacy 😘
pinkblonde7777If you see anything you like I am always open to trading lol
ajatierra@kerrya01 lol whoops :) ^
ajatierra@jessacait prices are 1/2 off for 9 more hours! Prices have already been adjusted, so buy this or bundle now to take advantage of this great offer!
ceirramurphy@khey what's the lowest price for all of them together?
khey@ceirramurphy only orange in stock at the moment
ajatierra@smalltownfab definitely by Friday... I just got back from vacation today and I work all day tomorrow, but I'll make sure it goes out early Friday :)
ajatierraHey @smalltownfab! How do you like these flats?
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