(SOLD)✖️Levi High-Waisted Shorts

Vintage Levi Destroyed High-Waisted Shorts. Paypal: $45 shipped!
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
Jun 09 11:04PM
xokaitlynnm@djicarlie they don't fit me, that is why I am selling them
Jun 10 06:23AM
tere70209Did they fit you to big ?
Jun 17 03:31PM
xokaitlynnm@tere70209 yes sadly :/
Jun 19 05:49AM
xokaitlynnm@tere70209 only too big on the waist. I have a small waist and bigger hips/legs
Jun 19 05:50AM
katelynmasekI wish these would fit me - sooo cute
Jun 19 07:44AM
Jun 19 06:16PM
hngleasonWould you take 25?
Jun 29 10:36AM
xokaitlynnm@hngleason $40 shipped! read description for more info :)
Jun 30 01:18PM
krissiebCongrats on this making the Poshmark blog!!!
Jul 02 02:07PM
tere70209If you still have them on Thursday I'll buy them
Jul 15 02:22PM
xokaitlynnm@tere70209 still available!
Jul 16 10:14AM
tere70209Can i get a pic with you wearing them please I want see how they look own
Jul 30 09:35AM
hngleasonWhat are the inch measurements?
Aug 08 09:22AM
hngleasonJust kidding. I am very interested!
Aug 08 09:23AM
xokaitlynnm@hngleason perfect! Did you have any more questions? :)
Aug 10 11:57AM
breaannalyynnI'm on a really tight budget but I could do $30?😁 I know it is low, but if it is possible I'd be stoked!
Aug 10 11:20PM
destinee17Trade for this?
Aug 21 02:36AM
xokaitlynnm@destinee17 these are already sold.. Sorry :/
Aug 21 01:10PM
hngleasonHey! I loved your package you are so sweet! They actually don't fit so I'm just gonna resell them I hope it's okay I used your pictures! :)
Aug 22 04:52PM

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