🚫SOLD🚫💯 Chanel vintage Crossbody bag

Black quilted lamb skin Crossbody with tassel pull. Small inner zip pocket . Dimensions are as follows : 5" high x 8" wide x 2.5" in depth. Gold hardware throughout, leather on chain has worn away significantly , priced accordingly . Vintage bag has a stamped serial code , no hologram. Guaranteed authentic . More pictures can be sent to those seriously interested . NO TRADES , PP, or HOLDS.
Seller Discount: 20% off 2+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
3bugmama@2014usluxe thanks for the like 🎀
Aug 01 08:15PM
3bugmama@doszlee thanks for the like!
Aug 02 10:35AM
3bugmama@serehnity thanks for the like !
Aug 03 10:30PM
3bugmama@mermaidzoxo thanks for the like 💓
Aug 04 02:08PM
3bugmama@wolfhalley thanks for the like 💓
Aug 04 02:08PM
boobear10132613Can you lower to1$ or 19
Aug 04 03:27PM
3bugmama@boobear10132613 I'm sorry , $1 or $19?
Aug 04 03:29PM
boobear101326131$ or 19$
Aug 04 03:30PM
boobear10132613Can u lower
Aug 04 03:30PM
3bugmama@boobear10132613 no thanks !
Aug 04 03:31PM
3bugmama@boobear10132613 I want to make sure I understood you correctly . You'd like me to change the price on this authentic bag to $1 or $19 ?
Aug 04 03:33PM
boobear10132613Oh no wrong thing
Aug 04 04:00PM
3bugmama@befahny thanks for the like !
Aug 04 09:54PM
Aug 06 04:07PM
3bugmama@robbilen1 thank you ! ☺️
Aug 06 04:21PM
3bugmama@hecate67 thanks for the like 🎀
Aug 06 05:25PM
3bugmama@monica97 thanks for the like !
Aug 09 07:21AM
averysmom22Hey darling do you trade? I have a great closet
Aug 09 07:57AM
3bugmama@averysmom22 you have a beautiful closet but I don't trade. Thanks !
Aug 09 08:24AM
3bugmama@helloleeesa thanks for the like 🎀
Aug 09 05:47PM
Aug 09 10:57PM
vivacoutureGorgeous !! Haha I just read the thread 👍👆
Aug 11 09:25PM
3bugmama@vivacouture lolz right ???? 💀💀💀
Aug 11 09:25PM
vivacoutureSomeone did that on one my listings too recently so bizarre ! But yours looks like she wrote on the wrong listing maybe lol ??!! 😱😱
Aug 11 09:26PM
3bugmama@vivacouture I guess it's a possibility , but I mean the image and description is right there ! Not sure how it can be mistaken for another listing ? 😳
Aug 11 09:27PM
vivacouture😂😂😂I know !!
Aug 11 09:28PM
kelliecurtisSoooooo bummed missed this beauty!!!!
Aug 12 09:42PM
3bugmama@kelliecurtis it was a serious beauty , but best for someone really petite as it was tiny ! I'm searching for a vintage chanel bucket with a gold chain to replace it 💀
Aug 12 09:44PM
kelliecurtisThat makes me feel better, I'm 5'9" with a giraffes torso, so not super petite!!
Aug 12 09:49PM
darrylpilar😩😩😩😩 I missed this. Tag me if you get any other Chanel bags similar to this and under $200. Thank you xoxo
Sep 15 05:36PM
3bugmama@darrylpilar you are looking for authentic Chanel under $200?
Sep 15 05:44PM
darrylpilarYes! I know I sound ridiculous lol but this one you just sold would've been perfect.
Sep 15 05:45PM
3bugmama@darrylpilar sure , this one ended up selling for $550 but I will tag you if I have any Similar pieces.
Sep 15 05:47PM
darrylpilarOmg so sorry. I literally just woke up when I started browsing in poshmark and saw $160 instead of $1,600. Def tag me for future Chanel. Thanks xoxo
Sep 16 12:39AM
3bugmama@darrylpilar no problems at all ! ☺️
Sep 16 12:48AM

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