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Updated Oct 24
Updated Oct 24

Meet your Posher, Kimberly

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Hi! I'm Kimberly. Some of my favorite brands are J. Crew, New York & Company, Ann Taylor, and Ann Taylor Factory. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave me a comment so that I can check out your closet too. :)


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  • Seller Discount: 15% off 2+ Bundle

  • $7.11 Expedited (1-3 day) Shipping on all orders

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wendy43670 Hi I see that you bundle two of my items. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing. I provided you with 5% off for two items for bundling :)
Sep 04Reply
saskicarrerabsq Welcome to Poshmark and thank you for shopping with me this weekend ❤️ Please feel free to ask any questions or use the offer button, I'm motivated to move inventory and have my items ready to ship ✨❤️😊
Sep 04Reply
jodilea52 Hey girl just wanted to remind you that you have to cancel your order for that rug so they refund your money and also it still showing that I need to ship it so I will be getting an email telling me I need to get it out so just making sure that you're still wanting to cancel this order? And if so you need to go on here and cancel it thank you have a beautiful blessed day😘💖
Sep 05Reply
kakr @jodilea52 hey. Thanks for reaching out. Lol. I thought u had to cancel it. I think I got it done? I've only been on Poshmark a week so I'm not positive
Sep 05Reply
jodilea52 @kakr lol no you have too! I only can if I lost it or it was damaged. I no how confusing it can be. We have a hurricane headed at us so I'm wanting all my ships n stuff done!! 😛😁😰😍
Sep 05Reply
kakr @jodilea52 oh geez. Stay safe. We will be praying for all of u
Sep 05Reply
jodilea52 @kakr Thank you much!!
Sep 05Reply
mrsareal Feel free to make an offer on your bundle :)
Sep 06Reply
4thisnthat Hi iam sorry my bundle price was declined by you as you know posh takes 20% so i dont make to much off my items if you like to bundle and sumit a offer i can see if i can do it
Sep 06Reply
lgray5479 Hi, there is already a discount on the bundle of 10%, plus posh takes their part. Your offer is an additional 40% off the marked down price, cannot go that low, that is getting one free. Sorry.
Sep 10Reply
dorinuss Hi Kimberly thanks for checking my closet. Please add more in your bundle. I can give you more discount 😊
Sep 15Reply
paulettejean Hello!! I offered you a lower price on the Edie Bauer pants, did you accept ? My app says you did but in my sales it does not show that you purchased them. If you didn't want them you you please decline my offer? Thank you 😘
Sep 24Reply
kakr @paulettejean Sorry. Not sure what happened. I started a new job today so have been busy getting ready and haven't been on. I hope my not rejecting it didn't cause any problems
Sep 26Reply
paulettejean @kakr thx for replying!! All is good 😘 Good luck with your new job 🤗♥️
Sep 26Reply
poshandpearls @kakr Good Morning Kimberly 😊 Thank You for liking the NY & Company green & black striped dress. I love that it has pockets! Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope you have a great day ☀️💛 Robin
Sep 26Reply
tjbuysell Lovely 💕🌸
Sep 27Reply
debbiescloset17 I thought by lowering it by10% would get discount shipping....all offers consider
Sep 28Reply
happydori You offered on a bundle and declined would you consider 6.00 dollars on sweater? Thanks.
Oct 01Reply
gote_yu Hello, I see you recently tried to bundle two items. However I no longer have the coach keychain. I apologize for the delay. I was going to put it "not for sale" tonight due to it no longer being available. I was out running errands all day so just now logging on. Will you still be interested in the sharpies?
Oct 30Reply
njroxbox Hi Kimberly thanks for the like! And happy Poshing😊!
Nov 02Reply
clorene1984 Thank you for your purchase! 💕 It will ship out in the morning! 😊
Nov 05Reply
jillyb8209 @kakr Hi Kimberly! I see that you have not been on Poshmark very long so I thought I would help you out a little. Thank you for the offer on my 2 items but I had to counter. I don't know if you noticed the bundle discounts I offer but for 2 items it's 20% off.. I also have a post which shows the "typical guidelines" for reasonable to low ball offers. You might want to just take a look at that and feel free to post it to your page for future reference. I hope you understand. Happy Poshing!!😘🎁🎉
Nov 05Reply
carey_anne_1968 Hi! It’s Carey Anne! I see you put a top in a bundle. Great! Is there anything else you see in my closet that you want? I want to give you a discount, or if you just want the one thing you can send me an offer. I don’t mean to be pushy but I’m always at a loss when I see just one thing in a bundle! Thanks for shopping my closet! 🙂🌺🙂
Nov 08Reply
stirandmadame Hey Kim! I sent an offer but may be able to come down a tad bit more. If you’d like to make an off I will consider it.
Dec 28Reply
vbergs1 Hi Kimberly! I just got out of the hospital, so delayed my response to you. If you'd like to resubmit your offer of the Blue Dress for $8, I will accept. Thanks, Johnna (vbergs1)
Feb 01Reply
1loveslvs Sorry this dress is brand new
Feb 12Reply
nikler Hello. I'm so sorry I just now noticed u had an offer in in my closet for some items and I must've missed it somehow. If u want to go in and reoffer I'll accept. And please offer $12 instead of $14 and I'll gladly accept for the hassle okay(
Feb 12Reply
lanadoherty Hi Kimberly, thanks for liking ☺ any questions please feel free to ask.😃 happy poshing 💗
Feb 16Reply
thymetraveler Hey! I'm super excited that you want the blue sweater!! And happy to give you a discount or price drop. Embarrassing though, I don't understand how to offer a private discount through a bundle. I can't find any how-to help on it :( Can you make an offer?
Feb 17Reply
enjoyhats @kakr hey Kim. Thx for visiting my closet. I sent an offer for your bundled items. Including free shipping! Hope this works for you and I will get your fabulous items shipped ASAP. 😃
Feb 17Reply
queen_of_thrift Hi Kimberly! I made you an offer on the bundle. Let me know if you have any questions! 😊
Feb 21Reply
lrs495 @kakr Hi Kimberly! Thank you for your purchase! I will mail your items out tomorrow! 🤗🎉🛍
Feb 25Reply
kakr @lrs495 Thanks!
Feb 25Reply
lrs495 @kakr I have cancelled the order per your request. Thanks
Feb 26Reply
melaura21 Hello. I shipped your flats out to you but tracking on them ceased on 3/4. Have you received them?
Mar 11Reply
kakr @melaura21 no. I sent a note to Poshmark and haven’t heard back.
Mar 12Reply
melaura21 @kakr ok. I checked the USPS website and all it says is that shipping was delayed while in transit to Morton, IL. I’ll let you know if I finds out anything about it.
Mar 12Reply
kakr @melaura21 ok. Well, how much longer do I have to wait?
Mar 12Reply
melaura21 @kakr there’s no way for me to know - USPS has the box
Mar 12Reply
canarygreen Welcome to Posh hun! Sent you an offer!😍😘
Mar 18Reply
themodexchange Heeeyyy Kimberly 👋🏼 I hope posh is treating you well! I Gave You A Follow and I look forward to connecting with you ! Happy Poshing ☮️Positive Vibes All The Time ☮️
Mar 20Reply
dancingdiva22 Hi Kimberly, you put a top in a bundle. Is there something else you would like to add and then I can give you an offer with the bundle discount. If not, feel free to make an offer on the top. Thanks!!
Apr 08Reply
thymetraveler Hi Kimberly! I'd love to sell you that blue sweater!! But, poshmark won't let me give you a bundle discount because "I've exceeded the amount of bundle offers that went unanswered by the buyer" or something like that. Anyway, if you want it, press the buy or make an offer buttons! Thanks. I hope you're having a lovely day <3
Apr 10Reply
rachs1 Hi there and welcome to Poshmark! Shopping can be very enjoyable and addictive at times especially with so many great deals. If you are going to sell I found in the beginning to be a bit confusing so if you have any questions, please feel free to tag me and I will be more than happy to try and help. When you have a moment pls check out my closet. Thanks so much. 💝
Aug 03Reply
dcorpus Hi the lipgloss is $4, did you want to bundle other items?
Feb 23Reply
dcorpus Hi I don’t know what’s happening but I can’t accept your offers.
Mar 05Reply
charlottefoxx Hi!! I would love for you to check out my jewelry store if you get the chance! I am having a sale right now on all my jewelry and accessories and would love to offer you a discount if you like any items!! 2 for $18 or 3 for $25!! If you’re interested just bundle the items!! ✨✨
Mar 17Reply
kpsclosettt I noticed you liked to of my listings would you like to make a bundle?
Mar 19Reply
sman2251 @kakr Hi Kimberly! Thank You for creating a bundle! I can do your bundle for $50, make me an offer for $50 & I will accept your offer. You'll receive over $95 worth products shipped to you on Monday :)
Apr 12Reply
dorioskam Hi Kimberly! I tried to make a bundle with all your “likes” but since I already sent you an offer on the fleece, it’s not allowing me to do so. I’d like to send a REALLY GREAT offer on all the things but I think I have to wait the 24 till that first offer expires.
Apr 14Reply
stacy_osborn I saw one item in a bundle. Not ignoring you but, that’s not anything I can do anything with. 😎 Bundles of two or more items get 15% off and discounted shipping. Thanks for Poshing with me!
Apr 18Reply
lynneduke Thanks for liking items in my closet. I do offer 20% Discount on Bundles
Apr 24Reply
thenegotiators If your interested in bundling those 3 items I can give you a killer deal!!!!
Apr 25Reply
mdhinder1 I saw u liked a couple of my bras. If u bundle them I’ll offer a great discount!
Jun 21Reply
craftee53 Mary
Jul 04Reply
taryn416 @kakr Hi Kim, i accepted your offer but it says there is a payment issue
Jul 27Reply
our_closet2you Hi Kimberly. I see you like my BOC sandals. I recently reduced the price. But if you bundle it with another item I’ll send you a discounted offer for both. Thanks for the shares! K
Aug 23Reply
prettyposhpicks Hi Kimberly, I realize that I just sent you the wrong necklace. And to make matters worse, I am on vacation. I am really not sure how to handle this, but I am going to do it through the check box for sending the wrong order. I just wanted you to know that I am aware and will try to remedy this as soon as I can.
Sep 13Reply
benghoffer I’m sorry you are disappointed with the color of the shirts. This is how they were purchased with more of a faded/distressed look. I’m sorry if the pictures led you to believe they were otherwise. Was not intentional. I list my items more than I will accept so there is room to negotiate as offers are usually a good amount less than what is listed and then poshmark takes their fee too. Hope it won’t deter you from shopping my closet in the future.
Sep 16Reply
kakr @benghoffer - it doesn’t. You were super kind and very flexible on your pricing. I would definitely shop in your closet again and I look forward to it
Sep 16Reply
benghoffer @kakr thank you! Happy posting! Stay safe!
Sep 16Reply
dodatdoubletake I have a buy 3 $15 and under for $25. I see you liked one of my items. I would love to extend the offer to you and to open more choices I will honor the offer for anything $20 and under 3 for $25. YEAH!!! 😁
Oct 04Reply

Stunning ring with fake pearls and bling!


Free in bundle:accompaniment cd-“You Were There”


Used once-Gold Bond Body Powder Spray


Used Apple Travel Adapter Kit


Nice, Used, adjustable, hot pink bow tie


Brown dress shoes with an approximate 1.5” heel


NWOT. Aloe Vera Daily Moisturizer. *Used once-@


Nioxin Scalp Recovery (Used approximately half)


Free W/bundlebook-“If I CouldDo It All OverAgain “


Free Book w/ bundle: A Life God Rewards


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