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Show Me Your MuMu Jackets & Blazers - 🌈HPπŸ‘½ SMYM MUMU BLUE Drine sequin denim Jacket

🌈HPπŸ‘½ SMYM MUMU BLUE Drine sequin denim Jacket   


Show Me Your MuMu
$104 $137 
Nwt SMYM Show me your mumu mumu blue Drine jacket s small MSRP $137 Sold out Website desc in comms *small mark sleeve retail handing*pls c pic distressed abrasions grinded edges hems collar/pockets/cuffs etc MADE.2 LOOK VTG & WORN IN Faded 2 utterperfection altho BUTTONS MAKE THIS sospeshul. Didn't wear out of dislike I have a ton of denim/Jean jacket & sadly didn't get around 2 wearing doing the seasonal cleaning thing..sell or keep tis all good so a lil room to neg $ k?!?🀘✌koolπŸ€˜πŸ‘½πŸŒˆ