#ClosetCrush Other - ❤️❤️BIG CLOSET CRUSH❤️❤️Tory Burch Poshfinds

❤️❤️BIG CLOSET CRUSH❤️❤️Tory Burch Poshfinds

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❤️❤️BIG CLOSET CRUSH❤️❤️Tory Burch Poshfinds

Have to thank Mrs. Tat for her great customer service, fast shipping and friendship . I bought this bag & wallet in the beginning of winter and wore it ever sense, such a great bag I even took it with me to New York and Philly. I love it, such a great closet , Thanks Tat. 👉 She's a suggested user, please check her closet out for great deals 💁
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nvmenorma@tatyana123 💕💕💕
May 15 03:30PM
tatyana123My Gosh, you are so sweet!!! It's like the best Mother's Day gift 😃😃😃. Sorry for not keeping in touch, my hubby is in NY for a week, took my MIL back, so I'm alone with kids& need to hold on till Sunday. He is helping me to ventilate my feelings when we meet between work, and this week I'm fighting our teenage issues alone, lol 😁😁😭 About to have nervous breakdown 😁. I missed everything here, I had a host pick, so it was 174 msgs I need to look through and share back& thank everybody... Thank you so much , Norma! I know it's late, but Happy Mother's Day to you, and thank you - you made my day& night, I'm smiling:)) I love you, my dear Posh friend and thank you for being so sweet! Sincerely, forever& always 😍, Tat.
May 15 06:16PM
nvmenorma@tatyana123 I'm sorry totally been so busy ,But Happy Mothers Day Too🌹💐🌺,hope you had a great day besides everything else. I totally understand I'm going through some stuff myself, I wish I can vent, But it will be more then 3pages long😁🙈 and when it rains it pours ugghhh. 😩I believe we're strong women and we can power walk through it all 💪💃💃 -I bought the dry fit hoody seen that she didn't purchase for days, so I took it ,I need to get back on my running 😁. Love NV
May 17 05:20AM
aprils2ndcloset@nvmenorma Hi! What category did you list your ClosetCrush under?😊💖
May 20 07:23AM
nvmenorma@aprils2ndcloset regular -handbags and brand -#closetcrush
May 20 07:28AM
aprils2ndcloset@nvmenorma Thank you! 😊👍
May 20 07:29AM
nvmenorma@tatyana123 I love,love,love your package I received today, I even got Teary eyed. Thank you so much for the free wonderful gifts. I will put good use to the j.crew bag , Thanks a bunch . Love Your Posh sista .....Chicago💕💕 p.s I love chocolate it's like you read my mind😂😂
May 21 11:03AM
lainie26@nvmenorma -lemme know if you ever wanna reposh😉
May 30 04:08AM
imjustice@nvmenorma Let me know if ya wanna reposh I will drive over to ya and pic up lol.. Chicago LifeLol!
Jul 28 06:00AM
nvmenorma@imjustice will do , you'll be the first to know,lol 🌃🎡
Jul 28 07:54AM
tatyana123My dear Norma, happy New Year, girl !!!! Better late than never, lol. Thank you for this post, I'll try to create smthg like that too:) Hugs& kisses to boys! Love always, Tat.
Jan 04 07:21PM
tatyana123I owe you one too, sista! Please email posh that you'd like them to evaluate your closet to become suggested user- you totally earned it, you are great and make sales. They randomly expose you to thousands of new followers once you got status SU! LMK if you want me to write them a letter too! Love, Tat.
Mar 25 04:00AM
nvmenorma@tatyana123 your the best 😘💕sorry I haven't responded , sick kids and now I'm sick , it's been a roller coaster that never ends 😩💆. No worries writing a letter to PM, but clockwise your also a great seller with great prices and your so understanding , I would also vouch for you anytime.
Mar 29 07:31AM
tatyana123I missed e-mail that Posh gave me SU status,smts emails go to my spam and I don't check it. I noticed that I gain lots of followers ,so I realized it's Posh exposing my closet . So I emailed "Hey, did you give me SU, and I missed email? Because my followers number is growing fast..." And they responded "yes, you are SU". Now they expose my closet and and I gain like 250 followers/day. Just ask them - you are great seller, Im sure Posh'll give you SU once you ask. You'll get bigger exposure!
Mar 29 09:01AM
nvmenorma@tatyana123 That's awesome your a SU, 🎉🎉lets bring out the bottles of wine🙈, anything to drink and celebrate after an exhausting week 💆😷😴. Have you done a hosting a party yet? Let me know if you do. Love ya , and take care💕 Chicago 🌃🎡
Mar 30 05:23PM

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