Anthro dress

Adorable flower print dress from Anthropoligie • lined on the top part • 100% silk • size 0, fits size 2, measurements upon request
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
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katiebabie22Thank you for sharing! Gorgeous dress!
Apr 21 08:55PM
mamajx5@kaygeebea Thanks for the share
Apr 24 05:15AM
bbarnes362Hey! I'd love to use this as IOTW! It's the first listing in my closet, if you'd like to take a peek😍
Apr 24 09:04PM
kaygeebea@bbarnes362 yeah! I'm familiar with your IOTW! I will be honored!!!
Apr 24 09:18PM
bbarnes362Perfect! It's definitely an amazing piece, and very well deserved! I'll tag you tomorrow when I change it! 💕💞
Apr 24 09:28PM
xfashionxThanks for sharing, please LMK if u have any questions 💜👠🌺
Apr 24 09:32PM
kaylen26Congratulations on your item of the week, this is a very pretty dress. Awesome pick @bbarnes362
Apr 27 04:49AM
lemonwackiThank you for sharing🌷🍃
Apr 30 08:09PM
yasmindeandaThanks for the share, you have a beautiful closet! ♡
May 05 07:55PM
jaismeenCongrats on your Night Out Host Pick!
May 09 07:49PM
oceanjewelersCONGRATULATIONS! Your host pick is truly the envy of the party tonight!
May 09 07:50PM
milanvictoriaThis is a perfect t piece for a "Night Out"!! That's why I have selected it as a host pick tonight!! 🎉🎀🎉
May 09 07:50PM
lhoude👏🎉👏congrats on your host pick!!!👏🎉👏 I am so excited for you and I hope it sells!👏🎉
May 09 07:54PM
herparallaxCongrats on your Night Out Pick!!
May 09 07:56PM
fashionfever88cheers to your gorgeous *NiGhT oUt* host pick!!! <3
May 09 08:00PM
sakshi9984Congratulations on your beautiful Host Pick
May 09 10:51PM
paperroseI saw this listing on Poshmark Facebook page!💗👍✨🎉 Awesome👍👏👏👏
May 11 08:52PM
oceanjewelersCONGRATULATIONS! Your Host Pick tonight is GORGEOUS.
May 16 07:07PM
herparallaxCongrats on your Wardrobe Essentials Pick! <3
May 16 07:13PM
txpresbi🌟🌟I have chosen this item to be featured for tonight's Wardrobe Essential Party!! This is a definite essential for every girls closet!! Congrats and Happy Poshing!!! 🌟🌟
May 16 07:24PM
rubysbeauty🎉Congrats on your host pick!
May 16 07:25PM
the1stclosetYou have style & know exactly what is Essential for a wardrobe! Great HP! Hope this sales to someone as savvy as you! Congratulations!!!!
May 16 08:38PM
lizsashaThanks for sharing my listings @kaygeebea
May 20 06:24AM
christineanne13@kaygeebea I wish this was my size!!! Soooooo pretty!
May 20 01:05PM
lolitalynneSO BEAUTIFUL
May 28 01:13AM
karlab78Ok I've been eyeing this one too since you posted it. What would it bring my bundle to?
Jun 08 03:52PM
renatesteinercute dress for skinny minis! @rosebudcat @scubageek17 !!!
Jun 09 09:08PM
crenukThank you for your shares! 😍 beautiful closet!
Jun 22 04:12PM
hayleemarie30Love your closet! Keep up the great work! 💕😘☺️
Jun 26 04:01PM
bbarnes362Did you see they used this as the cover photo for Anthro show room? Whoop 🎉
Aug 03 08:43AM
kaygeebea@bbarnes362 wow! I didn't know! Thanks for letting me know!!!
Aug 03 12:42PM
e_aguilar_pLove this! Would you be able to give the length and width across waist and hips? Thanks
Aug 05 07:09AM
kaygeebea@e_aguilar_p yes! I'll tag you as soon as I get home tonight😊
Aug 05 11:22AM
e_aguilar_pThank you!
Aug 05 11:42AM
kaygeebea@e_aguilar_p the dress measures 16" from armpit to armpit, 14" in the waist, 17" hip line. It's 24" long from the waist down in the front and 26 1/2 inches in the back.
Aug 05 07:36PM
e_aguilar_pThank you so much. Will definitely keep it in mind :)
Aug 05 07:42PM
rebekah_allenPerfect for a night out on the town! That's why I've chosen this for the Date Night Party 9/5!
Sep 05 07:03PM
lilmistam💃🎊Congrats on your Host Pick!🎉💃
Sep 05 07:04PM
ilovesunset🎉👏🎉👏🎉Congrats on your Host Pick 🎉👏🎉👏🎉
Sep 05 07:04PM
Sep 05 07:08PM
lhoudeCongrats on your host pick. WOO HOO!!!! I hope it sells and I am so excited for you!!
Sep 05 07:10PM
agnesroseFresh, young, innocently sexy...perfect host pick! Congrats:-)
Sep 05 07:14PM
lwschlprncss👏🎉👏🎉👏CONGRATULATIONS on your "Date Night" Host Pick!!👏🎉👏🎉👏
Sep 05 07:30PM
fifig23Congratulations on your beautiful host pick!
Sep 05 07:33PM
showme2themall🎶🎤🎶Please don't look at me with those eyes Please don't hint that you're capable of lies I dread the thought of our very first kiss A target that I'm probably gonna miss Let's go, don't wait, this night's almost over Honest, let's make this night last forever Forever and ever, let's make this last forever Forever and ever, let's make this last forever🎶🎤🎶Congrats 🌟💃🌟on your "Date night" host pick👠💋👠
Sep 05 07:34PM
classicpattyFabulous HP!🎉🎉🎉
Sep 05 07:39PM
peaceloveposhBeautiful Date Night Host Pick !!!
Sep 05 07:39PM
maureen888I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!! 💃With a sexy lil number like this, I'm sure he won't mind!! 😍 Congrats on this gorge Date Night Host Pick!! 💏✨💖
Sep 06 06:18AM
laskinr@kaygeebea 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Feb 19 08:53AM
4conkeysWould you sell sandals?
Feb 24 05:54PM
kaygeebea@4conkeys unfortunately, both shoes are unavailable right now. I can tag you if/when they become available!
Feb 24 06:29PM
4conkeysOh yes please do
Feb 24 06:56PM
bunnypuff♡♡♡☆.¸¸.•*`*•.☆♥ C O N G R A T S!!☆* o͙n͙ y͙o͙u͙r͙ SPRING STYLE H͙o͙s͙t͙ P͙i͙c͙k͙!!! ♡♡♡
Mar 23 08:28PM
loveericaaaCongrats on your "most-have spring style party" host pick! Sharing with my followers! :]
Mar 23 08:29PM
irmamcflyCongratulations on your HP!!!!!!
Mar 23 08:32PM
anoliver🌸🌸Spring is All about New Beginnings... In Nature🌷, and in Fashion!🎀👓👙👗👡 And there could be no Better Fresh Start than adding this Amazing Piece to your Wardrobe!💕💕 Congrats on your "Must-Have Spring" HP- This is definitely a Must Have Piece for any Fashionista!💋💋
Mar 23 08:37PM
ebockCongratulations on your Spring Style Host Pick! 😃💖💖💖💖👒👒👒🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Mar 23 09:35PM
debbie043059Congratulations on your Must-Have Spring Style Host Pick👏🎉👏🎉 Sharing with my followers🌸🌸🌸
Mar 23 09:41PM
shopniceties🎉🌸🎉 congrats on your MUST HAVE 🌹 SPRING PICK 🎉🌸🎉
Mar 23 11:22PM
tfullerton12🎀👑👯Congratulations on your Spring Style Host Pick! So happy to celebrate with you & share your gorgeous listing! 👭💐🎉
Mar 24 08:07AM
kyliebriennSo many incredible Host Picks from last night's Posh Party... so many beautiful listings to shop through! A huge congratulations to you as you celebrate this accomplishment! XO.
Mar 24 11:49AM
dflo2891How tall are you?
Apr 14 07:20PM
kaygeebea@dflo2891 I'm 5'8"
Apr 14 07:26PM
Apr 14 07:43PM
lbjb413Hi. Would you be interested in trading? 😊
Apr 17 03:55PM
kaygeebea@lbjb413 hello! I'm just looking to sell this...
Apr 17 05:37PM
lbjb413Kk thanks. You have a beautiful closet!
Apr 17 05:45PM
kaygeebea@lbjb413 thank you ☺️
Apr 17 05:57PM
Apr 28 09:55AM
kaygeebea@msperrys thanks for the likes! Please lmk if you have any questions. Bundles are always discounted!!!
Jun 08 05:17PM
Jun 18 07:18PM

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