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Worn once to my birthday dinner.
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peruviangirl😍😍😍😭😭😭😭I wish it was my size!
Feb 19 06:54AM
bettymaaaThis is gorgeous! Love the color. Is this your absolute lowest? I would love to wear this for my birthday next month :)
Mar 15 03:02PM
atelierxerica@bettymaaa I can do $530. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks 😊
Mar 15 06:17PM
bettymaaa@atelierxerica I wish I could pay that sum now... I only have items on posh right now. :( I'll just keep this in my likes and love from afar. It's so pretty
Mar 15 06:20PM
atelierxerica@bettymaaa No worries, the item might still be there. I'll let you know if I decide to reduce the price later on? Thanks.
Mar 15 06:24PM
bettymaaa@atelierxerica Thank you for your responses! I wish you luck on your sales!
Mar 15 06:26PM
jenna1228Trade for my herve dress?
Apr 28 03:38PM
Apr 20 02:21PM
chartneyTrade? I have a lot that's not in my closet yet?
Apr 27 02:49PM
atelierxerica@chartney I don't trade, feel free to make a reasonable offer. Thanks.
Apr 27 03:25PM
preppyclosetsis this guaranteed authentic and can you ship tomorrow? also do you think it would be too small for an XS?
May 11 04:12PM
atelierxerica@preppyclosets This dress is guaranteed authentic. I purchased it from a BCBG store in Jersey. And I am able to ship it out tomorrow. The dress would fit someone who normally wears XS.
May 11 04:31PM
preppyclosetswait is it herve leger or BCBG?
May 11 04:32PM
atelierxerica@preppyclosets it's Herve Leger and in the BCBG boutiques, there's a section for Herve dresses.
May 11 04:33PM
preppyclosetsOh I had no idea! Thanks for letting me know. One last question do you do p a y p a l or do you only sell on here. Thanks! I have narrowed it down between this dress and one other :)
May 11 04:34PM
atelierxerica@preppyclosets I will accept it. 😊
May 11 04:36PM
preppyclosetsawesome how much through there! :) I would be wearing this for my birthday this weekend too! the big 21
May 11 04:40PM
atelierxerica@preppyclosets It'll be $300 including shipping. This is a great dress and I purchased it for my birthday a while back.
May 11 04:42PM
preppyclosetsWould you consider 280 shipped? I am in the military and don't start getting paid until I graduate school so I have to be really careful with how I spend money so I have been saving for a while for something like this! I'm sorry to ask
May 11 04:45PM
atelierxerica@preppyclosets No worries, I'm open to offers and I think $280 is pretty reasonable. I will accept your offer.
May 11 04:49PM
preppyclosetsmy email is preppyconsignment2 @gmail.com for you to send the in.voice :)
May 11 04:53PM
atelierxerica@preppyclosets I just sent it. Thanks.
May 11 05:07PM
preppyclosetsthank you so much! I just sold something on my instagram account and have an in.voice out, the second she pays I will have enough in my account and send you the money asap :)
May 11 05:18PM
atelierxerica@preppyclosets that's fine, thanks
May 11 05:35PM
preppyclosetsI just paid 😁🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 thank you so much!!! I need this by Friday but if you ship tomorrow it should be here no problem! Just make sure it's shipped priority mail, I think it may go automatically because of the weight of the package! Thanks again!!! I can't wait to wear this for my 21st birthday :)))
May 11 06:37PM
atelierxerica@preppyclosets Thank you for your purchase. I will send you the tracking number tomorrow.
May 11 06:39PM
preppyclosetsHey can you resend the tracking number I think it was entered wrong it says page not found when I click the link I got in the email, sometimes that happens if you miss a number when you're typing it in I do that sometimes too! 😀
May 12 12:54PM

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