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Light blue shorts

Zara Jeans - Light blue shortsZara Jeans - Light blue shorts 2

Light blue shortsNWT

Light blue mid rise shorts
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection: Included
cindyampi want these lol but im in america :(
Nov 04 09:54PM
fraankieeHow do you reserve items?! Omg i wannnt
Nov 04 09:54PM
fraankieeYou're in LA right ?
Nov 04 09:57PM
stassiebabeeyy@fraankiee yes!
Nov 04 10:14PM
cclements14Are these reserved?! I want them!!
Nov 05 05:25AM
kaylaaaporterdo you accept pp?
Nov 05 10:27PM
stassiebabeeyy@cclements14 no!
Nov 05 11:32PM
kelseyjaroszAre these still for sale? I love them
Jan 21 05:27PM
roseangelica@stassiebabeeyy hi doll. $25? will buy now
Feb 28 10:42AM
csnow_momof2Trade? @stassiebabeeyy
Apr 12 09:28AM
jessfox11can you put this on reserve for 24 hours?
Jun 27 07:09AM
krissiebCongrats on this making the Poshmark blog!!!
Jul 02 02:10PM
mindy_lee1412Can we swap?
Aug 03 07:54AM
britstilwell21are these still for sale?
Jan 13 07:44AM